Democratic Senator Comments on Texas Church Shooting — And Takes a Shot at People of Faith, Wow

The Texas church shooting that left 26 dead and 20 others injured has lawmakers speaking out. But what Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said Monday on the Senate floor won’t go over well with people who believe in a higher power.

Gillibrand said:

“We should ban assault weapons and bump stocks today. People who don’t want to have an honest conversation say we need to wait. Well, for how long?

Because we wait, we wait and we will see evil rear its ugly head over and over again. And we are told to wait again.

We have enough information today for Congress to do its job and try to keep our constituents safe from gun violence. We had enough information before yesterday to act. But what Congress does not have is the political will to act.”

Then, Gillibrand turned her comments to people who hold to their faith to prevent evil things from happening in the world.

“My friends, this must change: Thoughts and prayers are not going to stop the next mass shooting,” she said. “Merely talking about something, something, for the mentally ill to obtain guns isn’t going to stop the next deranged person with hate in their soul from committing yet another mass murder.”

After that, Gillibrand decided to take a shot at the Second Amendment, too.

You can watch her comments in the video segment below.