Democratic Hypocrisy: Look Who Is Voting ‘No’ to Prevent Pompeo From Being Secretary of State

When then-Rep. Mike Pompeo was confirmed to serve as the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency, he was confirmed by a large margin, 66-32.

Now, as he has been nominated to serve as the next secretary of state under President Donald Trump, some of the Democratic senators who thought he could be the CIA director think he is unfit to be the United States’ top diplomat.

At least seven Democrats who voted in favor of Pompeo to be CIA director have come out to say they will vote against him becoming secretary of state:

“I realize we’re in an atmosphere now where that is just not going to be the case,” Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, said Thursday, according to ABC News. “I realize my Democratic friends in many cases feel like that in supporting Pompeo, it’s a proxy for support of the Trump administration policies, which many of them abhor. I understand that.

“I hope that the members on the other side of the aisle that have not yet said how they are going to vote will think about the circumstances that we’re in today and feel like that they can support a highly qualified Secretary of State,” he added.

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