Democratic Women Are Wearing White to the SOTU in Nod to Suffragette Movement

Women lawmakers at SOTU
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Democratic women will wear white to the State of the Union once again in a show of solidarity to American women and a nod to the suffragette movement.

The House Democratic Women’s Working Group invited all women members of Congress to join in on the statement, and so far, many women have answered the call.

This photo was taken hours before President Donald Trump is set to make his address to all members of Congress:

The House Democratic Women’s Working Group held a press conference Tuesday afternoon while already adorned in their white outfits to explain the message behind them.

“Tonight, when President Trump gives the State of the Union, when he looks at the Democratic side of the House, he will see a wave of suffragette white as Democrats promote a crucial piece of our ‘For the People’ agenda,” Rep. Lois Frankel (D-Fla.) said.

She continued:

“Tackling issues that keep women from meeting their full economic potential, like raising the minimum wage, paycheck fairness, access to affordable quality childcare, promoting family-friendly workplaces, and, of course, access to health care. With the new majority, our Democratic Working Women’s Group is gonna bring all of this to the forefront because women and their families have waited and waited too long for the economic security that they deserve.”

Watch the video below:

Democratic women wore white to the 2017 joint address to Congress soon after Trump’s inauguration. According to CNN, the group decided to wear black last year to show solidarity with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

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The identity politics manual is in Greek when gender, race, immigration, religion, sexual harassment, ad nauseum all compete for attention. I did have to laugh when seeing the confusion on many when they supported something Trump said, but didn’t know whether to clap, stand up, scowl, slump down, or what. When Pelosi responded with a forced, pained smile, a grimace, then permission was de facto granted to suspend Trump hate for a moment, though Wasserman and Kamala seemed to miss Pelosi message

Rocky Drummond

“You weren’t supposed to do that.”, said Trump with a smirk.

“Stop with them negative waves!” Oddball, Kelly’s Heroes


More stagecraft backing a lie. The 19th amendment granting women suffrage was opposed by almost half of the Democratic senators, who filibustered against it.

fun fact: the 19th amendment was nicknamed the “Anthony Act” for Susan B. Anthony. She and another suffragist leader were Republicans.


“suffragette movement.” What have I missed? Don’t women already have the right to vote?

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