Scalise Knocks House Dems for ‘Bizarre’ Decision to Block Him from Testifying at Gun Control Hearing

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise nearly lost his life in a shooting during a Republican Congressional baseball team practice, but House Democrats still won’t allow him to testify on gun violence.

The House Democrats told Fox News that they were only following House rules by denying Scalise time to speak. They claimed that Republicans were given two slots to fill with speakers and they didn’t designate Scalise as one of the speakers. Scalise, however, claimed that it’s standard practice to allow an additional speaker if a representative has expertise on the issue.

As a victim of gun violence and a Second Amendment supporter, Scalise claimed he would have normally been allowed to speak, which is why he was not given one of the two slots.

He explained the situation to Fox News’ host Laura Ingraham.


“It was pretty bizarre. I mean, historically, when Republicans were in charge, even when Democrats were in charge prior to this more radical leftist majority, if a member of Congress wanted to testify on a committee they always provided a venue for that to happen.”

Scalise noted that, while he was a victim of gun violence, he also knew that armed officers shot the gunman, potentially saving lives.

“I saw how guns were used to save people’s lives,” said Scalise. “It should have been able to be part of the testimony.”

Scalise claimed his testimony denial is nothing more than pettiness from Democrats. “They think they can silence conservative voices, but you know what, they can’t silence our voices.”

The bill before the committee could make it a felony to lend your gun to someone without a background check, meaning a friend could not lend his rifle to another friend to go hunting without going to a gun store to complete the check and pay the standard fees of gun purchase. The same must happen when the gun is returned from the borrower.

According to the textual analysis by Reason, “If you loan a gun to a friend without going to the gun store, the penalty is the same as for knowingly selling a gun to a convicted violent felon.”

“They want to take away your rights,” said Scalise. “If their bill would have passed, it would have done nothing to stop the shooting that happened in my case, the shooting that happened in Parkland, a lot of these tragic shootings.”

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This hearing sounded like an absolute mess. Parkland parents being asked to be removed AND Rep Scalise not being allowed to speak?

Democrats and Republicans need to be able to face those impacted by their policies. There probably isn’t a 100% right answer for everyone so they will need to explain why one persons pain or death doesn’t count.

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