Democrats Seem Confused About How the Economy and Taxes Work While Pushing Big-Gov Plans During Debate

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President Donald Trump and Republicans passed U.S. tax reforms in 2017, a huge achievement under the Trump administration., but that didn’t stop several 2020 Democratic candidates from bashing the accomplishment during Thursday’s second debate.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), for example, continued to defend his “Medicare for All” healthcare plan — which is backed by several other candidates — by explaining how middle-class families will “yes, pay more in taxes but less in healthcare for what they get.”

2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden also took a swing at Trump, claiming the president’s tax cuts have created a “horrible situation, whild Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) claimed Trump’s tax cuts have contributed “at least $1 trillion to the debt of America, which middle-class families will pay for one way or another.”

“Frankly, this economy is not working for working people,” Harris declared.

See their comments below:

However, there are just a few problems with their criticism — and their plans to fix things.

Bernie Sanders

While Sanders claimed his health care proposal will raise taxes but cost Americans less in insurance payments and argued that all of his plans can be easily “fully paid for.” However, The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget pointed out, that wasn’t the case in 2016.

The organization estimated that when rounding up all of the proposals — such as Medicare for All and free college, among others — laid out by Sanders last election season, it would have added $19 trillion to the national debt, and increase spending and revenues to beyond historical levels.

“Based on his campaign’s own estimates, Senator Sanders would increase non-interest government spending by 38 percent over the next decade (or 33 percent including interest), paid for with significantly higher tax revenue,” the organization wrote in a report.

Additioanlly, as IJR Red previously reported, health care expert Seth Denson knocked Sanders’ 2020 healthcare plan for being too expensive, saying, “We would need to double the taxes just to even attempt to pay for this program.”

The expert also pointed out that roughly 3 million jobs would be eliminated due to this health care system

Kamala Harris

Harris’ criticism of Trump’s tax cuts came as she was asked how she would pay for her expensive proposals. She instead targetted the cuts, telling the panel she’d undo them if elected, as IJR Blue pointed out.

While Harris appears to be arguing that the tax cuts for businesses and people are adding to the national debt, she failed to acknowledge that they led to more money in Americans’ pockets and also neglected to lay out a plan for cutting any irresponsible government spending.

While the 2020 Democratic candidate argued working families were negatively impacted by the tax cuts, the American people are actually keeping more of their own paychecks. As IJR Red noted, in 2018, more Americans paid less to the IRS due to the fact that a majority of them saw tax cuts, keeping more in their own pockets.

Joe Biden

Biden thinks Republican’s tax cuts have created a “horrible situation,” but as IJR Red previously pointed out, Trump’s tax cuts have benefited most Americans by lowering the cost paid per family. Additionally, it’s added more jobs, as well as it’s increased pay raises, benefits, and bonuses.

During the first night of debate, there were several times the 2020 Democratic hopefuls sought to downplay the booming economy under the Trump administration, as IJR Red reported.

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AMERICA is such a cruel place; that’s why a gazillion invaders are risking life and limb to get here.
The Dumbocrats have entered into a deal with the devil it seems and want to bleed the coffers dry for…for…
What? Votes? Frankly I’m not a YUGE conspiracy theorist, but I think the bastards want to destroy this great nation and to quote Malcolm X, ‘by any means necessary’ in order to join the New World Order, now known as Globalism. God Bless America !

Clark Allen

I think Democrats have forgotten when the British tried taxing us might be time for a new Revolutionary war if a Dem gets into office





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