Democrats on a High After Budget Defeat, Feel Poised to Defeat Trump for Years to Come

Some high-profile Republicans are fuming over the temporary budget plan announced by President Trump’s Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, while Democrats are crowing about it.

For some, the headline of The Washington Post said it all:

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The headline read:

Screenshot/The Washington Post

The budget deal, which funds the government for the next five months, includes the president’s increased spending for defense. But there were plenty of his priorities that Trump voters expected to see — and didn’t.

The Washington Post reported that these were some of the Trump budget priorities left unaddressed in the budget deal:

  • No reductions in funding for sanctuary cities.
  • No money for the border wall.
  • Planned Parenthood is fully funded by taxpayers.
  • Expansion of H2B visas for summer workers.
  • Obamacare is fully funded
  • No money to hire more border agents

The deal was done to avert a government shutdown but sets up a new deadline before October 1, when the government’s fiscal year begins.

Some, such as opinion host Graham Ledger of One America News, considered it a “betrayal”:

Conservative Review’s Dan Bongino said Democrats won the day:

Radio host Laura Ingraham said the “pathetic” deal would mean Trump would have “hell to pay for this.”

John Cardillo agreed:

And Ann Coulter weighed in on the border wall:

Long time reporter Jamie Dupree summed up the response from both sides:

Breitbart News reports that in the upcoming budget reconciliation bill, lawmakers will not need a 60-vote approval and that’s when the Republican budget priorities will be seen.

The Post reported that Vice President Mike Pence gave a big thumbs-up on the bipartisan temporary funding bill, saying it means that Washington is working again.

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