Democrats to Push Shutdown Halt That Trump Unlikely to Accept

In their first action in control of the U.S. House of Representatives, Democrats plan to adopt a bill on Thursday to end a federal shutdown without funding a Mexican border wall, trying to firmly fasten blame for the 13-day-old closure on President Donald Trump and his Republicans.

Passage of the bill by the new Democratic majority was expected to occur shortly after Nancy Pelosi is elected speaker of the House, returning the liberal from San Francisco to one of Washington’s most powerful posts for a second time.

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday his chamber, still in Republican hands, would not vote on the legislation, calling it a “political sideshow” and “total nonstarter.”

“We’re asking the president to open up government,” Pelosi told reporters outside the White House on Wednesday after another unproductive meeting with Trump on the matter. “We have given the Republicans a chance to take yes for an answer.”

The Democrats’ shutdown-halting bill closely resembles one that won overwhelming bipartisan support in the Senate, which Democratic leaders say will put the onus on Republicans to accept it or clearly own the shutdown.

Trump’s demand for $5 billion in funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border triggered the shutdown affecting about a quarter of the federal government and 800,000 federal workers.

McConnell said previously that Senate Republicans would not approve a spending measure Trump does not support. The Senate leader has been largely absent from discussions over the shutdown, deferring to the White House after Trump surprised him by rejecting his prior attempts to keep the government open without funding the wall.

The House proposal, which would fund most of the government through September and provide another month to negotiate wall funding, will more likely be a starting point for further negotiations in the new divided government.

Congressional leaders said they would return to the White House on Friday to resume talks with Trump, a sign that the government is likely to remain closed for the rest of the week.

Funding for about a quarter of the federal government expired on Dec. 22, closing “non-essential” operations at agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, Energy and Commerce.

National parks have closed campgrounds for fear that toilets will overflow. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees are working without pay. The immigration courts, already overburdened, are largely shuttered.

While the first 12 days of the shutdown crept by quietly during the holiday season, Thursday will mark the changing of power in the House, in which the Democrats won a majority of seats in November’s elections, and a new dynamic, with Pelosi again central to moving any legislation through Congress.

(Reporting by Ginger Gibson and Amanda Becker; Editing by Kevin Drawbaugh and Peter Cooney)


  1. Leftist Reuters just can’t get the number of furloughed workers correct. There are less than 400,000 NOT 800,000 like they insist on reporting.

  2. To hell with the both of you assholes and if Mitch McConnell ever bring ? these two asswipes bring forward to the floor for consideration I promise you this, being from Kentucky myself will never ever vote for you again !! Both Shumer and Pelosi can rot in hell tell they work with the citizens of the country and not just New York and California ! There are over 350,000,000 people in this country and 2/3 of them want a fuking Wall, now build the damn wall !!

  3. Love the way the Democrats are playing with words and not delivering any options, especially when they can’t seem to find funding for Homeland Security but they all have security guards around them paid by the taxpayers. I can make a bigger/better list of non-essential costs for them to cut, like all their administrative clerks and any of their paid perks we, the taxpayers are paying for.

  4. If those jobs are “nonessential “, why are we paying for them?

    1. It’s instructive that though any number of the over 400 agencies and departments had many of, and a majority in some cases, their employees furloughed, nothing respective of government operations and performance changed.

      1. According to local news in the area the Blue Ridge Parkway is closed. Reading the news would lead one to believe that all 468 miles are closed but that may not be correct. The reason for the closure is debris on the road from storms. Since the park service is on furlough they are not clearing the road. However, there are volunteer organizations that do a lot of maintaining of the BRP so they just may get the roads cleared and open the road again.

        1. (continue)
          Kind of like the volunteers who repaired the National Christmas Tree and got that opened after the park service went on furlough.

    2. Nonessential does not mean not useful. The country is safe and secure even though the Park Service is shut down. NASA is shut down but most of the operations are probably still going on because most real work is done by contractors and is funded differently.

      1. Good point about the contractors. There’s usually a 100 ways to circumvent any restraint.

  5. “The Senate leader has been largely absent from discussions over the shutdown, deferring to the White House after Trump surprised him by rejecting his prior attempts to keep the government open without funding the wall.”

    That’s because McConnell, who he himself says does only politics not policy, wants to clean his hands of any fallout that would affect him or some other Republicans. Trump said that he would “own” the shutdown, so this is McConnell letting him own it.

    1. More lies from Rockheaded Dumbass!! McConnel said he won’t partake in the Democrats political theatre! The bill has no chance of passing so he won’t waste his time.

      Why do you lie, Rockhead? If you have to lie to make a point, your point isn’t worth making…as is most of the nonsense you spew here.

      The blame for this shutdown is solely on the Dems! The government spends more than $5billion a year on Pelosi’s Botox!

      1. “Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday his chamber, still in Republican hands, would not vote on the legislation, calling it a “political sideshow” and “total nonstarter.”

        Hmmm, I copied the wrong statement. That is the one that should have been pasted. In his own words, McConnell only does political sideshows.

        1. RD: “MF Connell only does political sideshows””

          Only when McConnel’s actions don’t fit with your agenda.

          1. Those were his own words. He only does politics, not policy.

      2. Now, now, the Rockhead is not like Wideload, on occasion he actually makes pertinent comments.

  6. Remember the shutdown of 2013? Obama even cordoned off WWII memorials to antagonize, over a million people were affected and it latest for 17 days. Evidently stand their ground Pelosi and Schumer don’t. Trump was elected for his stand on illegal immigrants. When King Obama was president both of them voted in favor of more security for a lot more money! Why is that so difficult for these two putzes? Could it be their continued anger over Hillary’s loss.

    1. They cannot allow him to win or he may be re-elected in 2020. The deep state will be exposed from Nobama on down, they’ll be caught committing felonies all across the board.

      1. Hillary herself said prior to Trump’s win, “If he wins, we’re all f*cked!” That’s one thing she got right. It’s just taken longer than expected.

        1. Just above you were chastising Rocky and here you reveal yourself to be yet another demoncrap troll.

    2. Piglosi, Chucky, and all the rest of the demoncraps along with the RINOs in Congress are only about resist and obstruct.

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