Dems Denied the Border Crisis for Months — Now It’s the ‘Most Important Problem’ Listed by Americans

Loren Elliott/Reuters

The American people see immigration as the most pressing issue the U.S. is facing currently.

Although congressional Democrats have swiped away any such crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border — many labeling it a “manufactured” crisis — that’s not how Americans view it any longer. As IJR Red previously noted, a CNN poll from June revealed that just over three times as many Democratic voters now see the border situation as a crisis — increasing from 23% to 74% believe it’s a crisis.

The American people seem sure it’s a situation that needs to be dealt with, as a recent Gallup poll conducted July 1-12 shows that “immigration” is the top issue facing the United States currently.

Asked what the “most important problem” is in the U.S., 27% of Americans pointed to immigration, — a record high, passing the June record of 23% — followed by the government and poor leadership garnering 23% of the mentions.

Additionally, the poll reveals that only five times since 2001 has issues topped 27 percent, including the economy in general, the situation in Iraq, unemployment, the government, and terrorism.

There has been a continuous flow of migrants traveling to the U.S. southern border in past months, including over 100,000 apprehensions by border law enforcement per month in four consecutive months.

After his visit on Friday to a detention facility in Texas, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) slammed the Trump administration for “inhumane” conditions and claimed migrants are being treated “like criminals.”

The Democratic leader’s criticism drew a response from former border officials.

Former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director Tom Homan turned the table on Schumer, labeling it Congress’ “fault.”

“I mean, name one thing that Chuck Schumer has done to solve this crisis or address this crisis, other than vilifying the men and women of the Border Patrol,” Homan said.

“[…] Now, Chuck Schumer, let’s remember, he said this is a manufactured crisis. He said that numerous times. So he has ignored this crisis right to the very end. Again, he went down there. He vilified the men and women of Border Patrol, but what ideas did he come to the table with?”

Another former acting ICE director, Ron Vitiello, also blasted Schumer for “ignoring” the border crisis.

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Disgusting little trolls the Obamas and the clintons have created. Ignoring the people they were suppose to serve Those little trolls are still running about Claiming to care about America and their citizen Oh and let’s not forget the illegals. They are filth, this is the lying Obama legacy and lies. Why are they still in public office ?

Tom Bodine

Always slow to reality but first to dishonesty=Demo-🐀’s

Arlene Wuske

The only reason we know any info on the subjects concerning government problems is Trump. A lot of the secrets have been exposed. He said he will tell it all and he does. When he tells all the many years things have been messed up, the Dems blame all their stupid laws on Trump. They will never get over the fact some one can come in and not be on the take for 40 years. He is picked on for golfing and no one ever mentions Obama’s family world trips and the huge cost with all the people they demanded… Read more »

Patti Harrison

Well, Trump and his supporters knew well in advance about the border crisis way before the democrats who have shown up late and showing fake tears, fake caring and fake outrage over the crisis, as where were when we needed them the most, me thinks trying to get our President impeached!

william jackson

Nothing is more important to a D-RAT than the party line. Dastardly D-RATs play politics with peoples lives—-that is disgusting. However we’re use to seeing this performance from self centered, narcissistic, money grubbing, power hungry D-RAT maggots!


It has now become “politically expedient” to side with those who have been saying all along “there IS a crisis at the border”. But, it was better to sit on their fat, overpaid derrieres in Washington D.C. and call those at the actual scene and who could see the problem – LIARS – to try and convince the American people this was a Trump manufactured “crisis”. Their ongoing hatred of this POTUS far outweighs any common sense they might have or respect for the people of the United States and their security.


There are the Democrats late to the party being heard to complain that all the food has been eaten and the best whiskey drunk.


Oh look. There’s a fire! Instead of impeding and insulting the fire fighters let’s “side” with them.

Welcome to the party late, you weasels. Did your polls suddenly show your “open borders” policies were NOT popular? Funny how you flipped from previous “anti-immigrant” stances to “Bienvenidos Amigos!”, but at least now you’ve discovered that you flopped. I wonder how long it will be before you flip again.





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