After Sleeping on Border Crisis for Months, Dems Vow to Investigate Conditions at Detention Facilities

After sleeping on the border crisis for months, a leading Democrats is now on high alert about the conditions at overwhelmed detention centers at the border.

President Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues on the Hill have been sounding the alarm that the situation at the border has reached a crisis point since the government shutdown in December.

More importantly, law enforcement experts have been making the same warnings.

As IJR reported in March, officials at Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced that ICE detention centers had reached maximum capacity and CBP agents were being forced to release migrants on their own recognizance — knowing that 87 percent will never show up for their asylum court date.

Despite the warnings from Republicans and law enforcement, Democrats fought the notion that there was a crisis at the border and placed blame for the “manufactured crisis” at Trump’s feet during the government shutdown.

Now, Democrats are very concerned about the situation at the border.

The overcrowded facilities that ICE warned them about in March are suddenly the main concern for Democrats, as reports claim that migrants are being held in subpar — or even inhumane — conditions.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.) condemned the conditions at the border, claiming it should “shock the conscience” of America.

“No matter your political affiliation or views on border security, seeing families and children, including very young children, in overcrowded and unsafe conditions should shock the conscience,” Thompson wrote, vowing that House Democrats will lead a probe into the detention facilities.

While Thompson seems ready to address the crisis now, in January, he claimed there was “no security crisis at the border,” writing:

“President Trump tries to blame everyone and everything for his shutdown and the situation on the border, but he has no one to blame but himself. To be clear, there is bipartisan agreement that there is no security crisis at the border. It’s time he end this childish temper tantrum and reopen the government.”

Now that there is bipartisan consensus that there is a crisis at the border, it remains unclear if House Democrats will address the influx of migrants that are overwhelming the detention facilities, not just the conditions that resulted from the overworked system.


  1. Daffy Dumbocrats love the blame-game, especially when they are at fault.

  2. Dimocrats pounce! They used to say, “Crisis? What crisis? You’re making that up.” Then they sat on their hands as far as funding for the DHS until McConnell twisted their arms.

    Now the “crisis” gives them an opportunity to discredit the administration. It also meshes with EVERY Dim candidate effectively promising open borders, free everything for illegals, and whatever it takes to win the Hispanic vote AND appease their Leftist, anti-American voters.

  3. The conditions in the detention center are clearly outlined, including photos, by the IG of Homeland Security. What is to investigate? Ever since Sec Nielsen denied the separation of families was occurring, only the die-hard Trumpers believe at face value what they hear from a Trump administration official. In an executive action, Trump cut off the aid to Central America in April, 2019. It was done to deter migrants from those countries. His action INCREASED the number of migrants, not lessened. Yes, his actions are pleasing the anti-immigrant crowd, BUT HIS ACTIONS ARE NOT SOLVING THE PROBLEM, if the consequences is making the situation WORSE.

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