Denver City Council Bans Bump Stocks — They’re Shocked to Find No One Turns Theirs In

In January, the Denver City Council approved a ban on the possession of bump stocks and police have told people they need to turn them in. More than two months later, police have not received a single one.

Denverite reports police told gun owners that if they “are in possession of a bump stock, and would like to turn-in their bump stock to the Denver Police Department, they can do so at any Denver Police Station.”

The ban was in response to the October mass shooting in Las Vegas.

George Frey/Getty Images

The council approved the ban by a vote of 11-1. “Congress failed to act. The legislature had not acted. And I saw an opportunity for Denver to lead the charge and create the momentum that we desperately need,” said Alan Kennedy-Shaffer, who introduced the measure.

The measure that was passed also removed the “grandfather clause” that enabled people to have a magazine with a capacity of 15 rounds or more if they bought it before 2013.

“Why would we allow a rank amateur to have that sort of firepower and capacity, unnecessarily, if we’ve already banned machine guns of this type?” Councilman Rafael Espinoza told Denverite.

If caught with a bump stock, the offender could face a $1,000 fine and up to 180 days in jail, according to Fox 31.

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