Denver Man Fined for Failing to Clean up Feces of Homeless Vagrants Outside His Business

A businessman in Denver, Colorado, is headed to court to challenge fines levied against him by officials in that city because he refused to clean up human feces and other waste from the alley adjacent to his business.

Jawaid Bazyar, who owns an internet service provider based in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood, tells CBS4 that the city fined him and is threatening to continue doing so unless he cleans up after the vagrants and drug addicts that have taken over parts of his property.

“If the city’s not going to enforce laws against trespassing, or camping, or public defecation and just make me bear the cost of these problems that’s just not right,” he said.

Bazyar first tried posting no trespassing signs and made other efforts to deter the homeless who have set up camp in the area, but that didn’t help. Then he and an employee tried cleaning up the needles, trash and other waste, but the job became overwhelming.

“It’s not something we are equipped to deal with,” he said. “It’s not something that we should have to deal with.

“I’m going to go to court and do my best to argue that the city’s treatment of this is unfair. This is a public crime issue and a public health issue and the city is the organization that’s responsible for that,” he added.

A spokesman for the city of Denver told the station that the problem is on Bazyar’s property so it’s his responsibility. The two sides will meet in court next month to settle the case.

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Dominick Perez
Dominick Perez

I would have thought it should be the Cities responsibility to clean up and take steps to solving the problem. NOT the poor businessman, WHAT a world we live in





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