Dershowitz on Trump Israel Trip: ‘The President Is Saying and Doing All the Right Things’

As part of President Donald Trump’s first foreign trip, he visited Saudi Arabia, Israel, and met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem.

Some people mocked Trump’s moves — or lack there of — at the ceremonial sword dance, but attorney and Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz has absolutely no complaints about this foreign trip.

On Tuesday, during an interview on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends,” Dershowitz called Trump’s trip “terrific” and claimed: “The president is saying and doing all the right things.”

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He cited Trump’s declaration that Iran will “never, ever be able to develop nuclear weapons” as one of the “right things” he’s done.

The self-proclaimed “Democratic loyalist” noted that it was a stark contrast from President Barack Obama’s position and called it an “important statement.”

During Obama’s presidency, he permitted the United States to allow the passage of what Dershowitz called “the stupidest U.N. resolution ever,” which claimed the Western Wall didn’t belong to Israel. In the wake of that decision, he praised Trump’s decision to visit the holy site.

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The Harvard professor recently met with Trump, Abbas, and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and he claimed the “Art of the Deal” author may be closer to peace than many people suspect. He said that “there is something on the table, which I hope both sides approve of.”

While the initial agreement is admittedly “just the beginning,” he claimed successful negotiations could prove invaluable to the president’s legacy.

Dershowitz told the “Fox & Friends” hosts: “If President Trump can come home with that deal, he’ll be able to say ‘I accomplished more in 130 days than the previous four presidents have accomplished.'”

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