DeSantis Predicts Problem for Dem Opponent Who Needs POTUS’ Help on Key FL Issue: ‘He Wants to Impeach Trump’

Candidate for governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) knows that Florida’s problem with green algae is a key issue for many voters, but the issue also poses an important problem for his opponent Andrew Gillum.

Right now, Florida’s beaches are facing an algae problem that goes by names like “the red tide” and “green slime.” This algae bloom has presented a plethora of problems for the state.

This alga, the Karenia brevis, has a toxin that has been killing off waterborne wildlife and causing severe respiratory problems for beachgoers.

Current Governor Rick Scott declared the issue a state of emergency and stopped the harvesting of shellfish from the area because of the toxins. Although these algae blooms are not uncommon, this particular bloom has lasted much longer than normal.

DeSantis believes he can address the problem with help from the Trump Administration to complete reservoirs that can prevent the algae blooms from spreading.

The candidate stated that he thinks Gillum wouldn’t be able to work with President Donald Trump to complete the projects because of the Democrat’s calls to impeach Trump.


“[I’d address the algae with] good appointments to the water management districts, good water quality standards, and then working with the Trump administration to finish these projects, particularly this reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee. You send the water there, clean it, then you don’t have to discharge it. But here’s the thing Steve [Doocy], Andrew [Gillum] wants to impeach Trump. How the hell is he going to work with the Trump administration constructively to address Florida’s priorities? So, I’ll get the job done with the water, Andrew will not.”

DeSantis also hit Gillum for new revelations that he allowed an undercover FBI agent and a lobbyist to foot the bill for vacations and hotel rooms while acting as mayor of Tallahassee. After the trips, the lobbyist landed a major contract from the city, leading some, including DeSantis, to believe there was corruption.

“Maybe [Gillum] should be impeached because he got caught, now definitively, taking illegal gifts from an undercover FBI agent, over $1,000 in New York City, $4,300 for a fundraising dinner that was never disclosed. And then you had the lobbyist who arranged both of those, gave Andrew a four-night stay in a luxury Costa Rica villa and then, of course, Andrew turned around and gave that same lobbyist a two million dollar contract with the city of Tallahassee. So that is corruption in action at the municipal level it is wrong.”

The Real Clear Politics polling average shows Gillum narrowly leading DeSantis by 2.9 points. Florida voters will decide between the two candidates on Tuesday.

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