Despite John Podesta’s Celebrity, UFO Hunters at a Loss for Whom to Vote for President

Image Credit: Joe Perticone for Independent Journal Review

RACHEL, Nev. — There is a small portion of the American public who know that the truth is out there, that extraterrestrials have made contact and that the United States government knows it.

Those individuals, however, are relatively mixed on which presidential candidate would be best suited to guard or divulge the government’s most well-hidden secrets.

At The Little A’Le’Inn, a small restaurant and bar along Nevada’s “extraterrestrial highway” that borders the highly secretive U.S. military installation known as Area 51, UFO hunters and enthusiasts are disaffected with the choice in presidential candidates.

Betty, a waitress at The Little A’Le’Inn who did not give her last name, told Independent Journal Review that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was the wisest choice to properly handle the secretive technology inside Area 51.

Suggesting that far more advanced technology is given to humans from extraterrestrials than is made public, Betty said:

“I think Hillary Clinton would have more control over that than Trump.”

The Little A’Le’Inn, which is built into a small trailer spray-painted with gray aliens and flying saucer designs, experiences all kinds of guests each day. Betty said that most visitors are from Europe, Australia, and elsewhere abroad, but all come for their long-held fascinations with the unknown.

Image Credit: Joe Perticone for Independent Journal Review
Image Credit: Joe Perticone for Independent Journal Review

The bar is also adorned with stickers conveying considerable distrust for the U.S. government, which is a common position among UFO conspiracy theorists and enthusiasts.

Image Credit: Joe Perticone for Independent Journal Review
Image Credit: Joe Perticone for Independent Journal Review

A Nevada resident named Smitty, who travels the state in his personal motorhome, said he cannot bring himself to support any of the candidates and is unlikely to vote in this election.

“They’re so different. It’s like who do you want, the Crips or the Bloods?”

Smitty travels to The Little A’Le’Inn every couple of weeks, furthering his knowledge of extraterrestrials. As for which candidate is best equipped to handle alien secrets, Smitty said “I have no idea on that one.”

For others, the security of alien secrets is a laughing matter. Peter and Susan Hoegel, who moved from New York to Las Vegas, joked that having Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in charge of Area 51’s secrets would be the most prudent.

Susan Hoegel told Independent Journal Review:

“I have to vote for Gary Johnson. He doesn’t know where Area 51 is and I don’t think he can count that high — Area what? Where is that? It’s right next to Aleppo.”

“Ya, Gary’s got my vote,” her husband agreed. “For being out there.”

The Hoegels later admitted that in the grander scope of what is at stake in the election, they are supporting Clinton. Susan Hoegel cited her disdain with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as reason for backing Clinton.

“He’s every sleaze that ever hit on me in a bar.”

Despite the lack of enthusiasm for the 2016 election, one candidate has a peculiar connection to the common UFO hunter.

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta has long been at the forefront of demanding answers for UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

Podesta has regularly cited a desire to expose what information is known about aliens.

A 1998 Washington Post article quoted Mike McCurry, the then-press secretary for President Bill Clinton as saying:

“John can get totally maniacal and phobic on certain subjects. He’s been known to pick up the phone to call the Air Force and ask them what’s going on in Area 51.”

In 2002, he called for the release of any and all proof of their existence.

In addition, it was revealed in the WikiLeaks dump of documents that Podesta often discussed UFOs and received emails from individuals looking for his thoughts on them.

So even if the Clinton campaign has one of the most ardent UFO enthusiasts at its disposal, the truth-seekers on the ground are still at a loss of who they should support.

Hunter Schwarz contributed to this report.

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