Former Detective Skewers Gun Control Policies Pushed After Texas School Shooting: ‘Not the Answer’

As the left calls for increased gun control measures following Friday’s fatal shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, a former NYPD detective appeared on Fox News to explain why such policies, including stricter background checks, won’t make a difference.

“I think it’s empty rhetoric. It’s false narrative. It’s posturing,” Pat Brosnan said on “Cavuto Live” on Saturday. “The fact is that more background checks, more aggressive vetting with gun control is not the answer. It never has been.”

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The accused shooter, 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, allegedly gunned down and killed 10 people and wounded at least another 10. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called the tragedy “the worst disaster to ever strike this community,” but Brosnan says gun control wouldn’t have prevented it.

“Unless you can devise a weapon or an instrument that can make [firearms] inoperable, they’re out there,” he said. “[…] The answer is in technology. The answer is in training. The answer is in a school resource officer who has a weapon.”


Pagourtzis reportedly used two firearms in the shooting, neither of which he had obtained legally. According to Abbott, he had gotten them from his father — which came as no surprise to Brosnan.

“No surprises. The fact is he had access to these weapons that his father had,” he said. “They evidently weren’t properly safeguarded.”

In the wake of the shooting, prominent liberal figures used the opportunity to urge Congress to take action on gun reform in the United States, with some even placing blame for lack of action on President Donald Trump himself:

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