‘We Need to Do Some Catch Up’: Deval Patrick Refuses to Reject Super PAC Money

Democratic presidential candidate Deval Patrick (Mass.) said on Sunday that he would not reject support from a super PAC during his campaign.

In an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Patrick said he is “not crazy about super PACs” but said he would accept super PAC money to boost his campaign.

“We need to do some catch-up, so I think we’ve got to follow and find all sorts of above-board strategies.”

Watch his comments below:

He added that he would want to contributions to a super PAC “fully disclosed.”

Patrick said that he was initially planning on announcing his candidacy last year but his wife was diagnosed with uterine cancer causing him to delay his candidacy.

He said now that his wife is cancer-free, she encouraged him to run for president.

On Nov. 14, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock’s campaign released a statement urging Patrick to reject super PAC money.

“I’m pleased to welcome Governor Patrick to the race. Governors know how to get things done and we need more of that in Washington. But in order to truly change the way Washington works, we need to end the toxic influence of money in our politics. That’s why I’ve pledged to reject support from all corporate PACs, Dark Money groups, and Super PACs — and I urge Governor Patrick to join me.”

Patrick’s comments will likely earn him criticism from the other candidates in the field. Earlier in the primary season, Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) swore off super PACs for the duration of the primary, as IJR has previously reported.

Last month, former Vice President Joe Biden was attacked by Sanders after he signaled that he would support super PACs.

Patrick said he would work on a policy to revamp campaign finance laws and limit the influence of “dark money” in elections.

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General Confusion

“Democratic presidential candidate Deval Patrick (Mass.) said on Sunday that he would not reject support from a super PAC during his campaign.” Article

This is a clear sign that Patrick is confused about how to present himself as a principled candidate.

If his policies can’t attract more support except from corrupt and/or dark money, then he is not worth considering on this subject alone.





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