DHS Responds to Migrant Boy’s Death: ‘Open Borders’ Advocates Are Pushing System to ‘Breaking Point’

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Our immigration system is reaching a breaking point, and according to top Trump administration officials, something must be done.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen released a statement in response to the death of an 8-year-old Guatemalan boy who died while in the custody of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. While the situation was extremely complicated, many are blaming CBP for his death.

Nielsen gave insight on the difficult job that the members of border patrol have while under the current system. According to her statement, there has been an 86 percent increase of illegal crossings with many of those being made by unaccompanied children.

She pointed to the failing immigration system as a factor in the change. Nielsen explained that the current system rewards illegal behavior but makes others wait.

“This changing dynamic is the direct result of obvious draw factors: an immigration system that rewards parents for sending their children across the border alone, a system that prevents parents who bring their children on a dangerous and illegal journey from facing consequences for their actions, an asylum process that is not able to quickly help those who qualify for asylum, a system that encourages fraudulent claims, and a system that encourages bad actors to coach aliens into making frivolous claims. The bottom line is that 9 out 10 asylum claims are rejected by a federal immigration judge.”

However, she clarified she was not asking for open borders, but rather a reformed system that works.

“Our system has been pushed to a breaking point by those who seek open borders … I am proud of the lifesaving work the men and women of the Border Patrol do every day, but we do not currently have the resources we need to execute the mission as directed by Congress.”

The secretary concluded her statement by asking Congress to work together to find a better solution. Nielsen will be traveling to the border next week to help oversee changes in medical screenings for children.

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Let’s just call it what it is, this is child endangerment and the parents need to be charged with child abuse. These parents don’t care about their own children, they are only using them to get free stuff! Why else would the father refuse medical treatment. His selfishness was worth more than his child’s life. Go to California to get free housing, medical and food stamps. The money should be taken from California’s budget, not from LEGAL citizens tax dollars.


Not enough. More dead illegals is the BEST advertisement for “don’t try”. Let’s be realistic and hang the bodies on the border. Aborted fetuses too. Take pictures. Make sure they get spread to Mexico and Central America.

Too harsh for the prissy Left that supports murdering children? Show CBP agents laughing over dying illegals (that’s what they believe). I’ll volunteer to play one. Would YOU as a primitive, stupid, illegal want to go to such a place?


They are already sick, is remarkable they have made it so far , we are not responsable , is the parents and organizers.

Jack Masterson

That kids father refused medical help, so stop trying to place the blame on DHS and the Border Patrol and ICE agents !! They place those kids in harms way by bringing them on a damn caravan like that ! That damn tear gas did not have a damn thing to do with either @!! Turn their ass’s around and send them back to where they came from and all you friggin crybabies shut up with all that damn whiny crap with letting all that shyt in and the working men and women supporting their ass’s, that’s wrong


He shouldn’t have been here.

Ulla Camp

U really do believe that she is right, and unfortunately we might see more children die, since it appears that migrants “use” their children in other ways than we as a nation do………
Our immigration laws have been used, misused, turned and twisted any which way possible for somebody to slip through…….instead of just coming in the legal way……….

Mary Ridosh-Spalding

BUILD THAT WALL!!! That kid was probably riddled with diseases before he even got here! Start coming down HARD on these people trying to cross illegally… SEND THEM BACK! No asylum!!!

Marlon Zmuda

We don’t need any more LAWBREAKERS in this country. My.grandparents had to come here LEGALLY. Why should they be different. We don’t need them bringing in crime, drugs, unaccompanied minors, guns, disease, a larger burden on our government entitlements (to which they never contributed to), etc.,etc.,etc…..

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