DHS Is ‘Ready’ to ‘Prevent’ New Caravan from Illegally Crossing Border but Calls on Congress for Solution

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is “ready” to “prevent” any illegal crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border as about 2,000 Central American immigrants traveled to the southern border in the latest caravan, seeking to cross into Texas.

“Illegal entry will not be tolerated and we stand ready to prevent it,” DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said.

According to the DHS, they’ve been working with the Departments of State, Justice, and Defense to “ensure all possible resources are available to address this lawless caravan” and to “ensure the safety and security of law enforcement personnel on the frontlines.”

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The DHS called on Congress for a solution, while slamming Congress on the “inexcusable failure” of providing funds for a barrier along the southern border, as well as calling for a fix to “outdated laws that act as an enormous magnet for illegal aliens.”

“This crisis won’t be solved until we have comprehensive border security. Until then, DHS will do everything in its power — with the assistance of federal and state partners — to hold smugglers and traffickers accountable, enforce our laws, and keep American communities safe.”

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On Sunday, the U.S. Department of Defense announced they were sending 3,750 service members to the southwest border to help Customs and Border Protection agents, as IJR News reported.

According to the Washington Examiner, Mexico is also taking up efforts to block immigrants from entering the U.S. illegally as they deployed hundreds of federal police officers to the border. Additionally, the state’s governor plans to deport any immigrants who illegally come into Mexico on their way to the United States.

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President Donald Trump also indicated he would do anything it takes to stop people coming through the southern border illegally.

“We will build a Human Wall if necessary,” he wrote. “If we had a real wall, this would be a non-event!”

As February 15 inches closer, which will end the short-term funding for part of the government, President Trump will deliver his State of the Union address on Tuesday where he likely push for Democrats to back his proposed $5.7 billion in wall funds.


  1. Is the US prepared for the influx of Venezuelans if/when we blow up their country even more than we already have?

      1. Where do you think Guaido came from? Do you think he rose up with populist backing? Grow up.

        He was groomed here in the US. How long did it take for the US to recognize him as the true leader of the country? Minutes. The US had statements ready to go for weeks. Pence had been in direct contact with Guido just before his coup attempt started. The US has been trying to break them with sanctions to weaken the administration so that our coup could work.

        This is how we roll.

        1. So you believe the US placed Guaido as a puppet, not the Venezuelan people? (those who haven’t fled the country, starved, been terrorized by Maduro’s thugs, or forced to prostitute themselves for eating money(not that there’s anything to be had and standing in line is punished))

          1. “So you believe the US placed Guaido as a puppet, not the Venezuelan people?”

            That’s what we do. History shows we don’t do it very well, though.

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