Feinstein Blasts Trump for ‘Lock Her Up’ Rally Chants: ‘Part of His Technique of Division’

Dianne Feinstein
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Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) pushed back Wednesday following an intense scene at President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Iowa on Tuesday where supporters launched into roaring “lock her up” chants over the senator’s handling of the accusations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“It’s part of his technique of division,” Feinstein told IJR when asked about Tuesday night’s raucous rally. “Rather than uniting people in this great country in a common purpose, you divide them.”

The night before, Trump jumped into his now-familiar takedown of Feinstein, ripping her denial of leaking Christine Blasey Ford’s letter that accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, which elicited the crowd to erupt into a chant normally reserved for Hillary Clinton.

“How about Sen. Feinstein? That’s another beauty. [Boos]. That’s a beauty. ‘Did you leak the documents?’ She goes, ‘No,'” Trump said before chants of “lock her up” broke out.

“I think they’re talking about Feinstein, can you believe it?” Trump added, seemingly egging on his supporters.

Feinstein, the first woman to sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, admitted to IJR that she was “surprised” that the president seemed to encourage his supporters in their chants aimed at her.

“And I was surprised that he singled me out for a personal letter I received,” Feinstein said.

“This wasn’t anything that was covert or classified,” she said, “it was a personal letter that I received from a woman that talked about a sexual attack and asked me to keep it confidential.

“And in my life, a lot of women have talked to me about this kind of thing, as a matter of fact, and I have always kept it confidential,” she continued. “And I did until she was ready. Because you can’t do that to women.

“You can’t take something confidential and then release it because they are not ready,” Feinstein added, defending her handling of the situation.

“This is such a big, traumatic event,” she said.

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  1. Empty words from a hypocrite who said nothing while hysterical mobs invaded the Senate, while Antifa committed violence and destruction, and when Susan Collins was pilloried.

    FYI Di, Trump did not provoke these chants. The crowd spontaneously expressed its sentiments towards you.

    • Didn’t I read a President Trump quote on IJR Red today that he occassionally starts the chants if the crowd needs to be perked up? I think it was a NYT quote, but since that wasn’t directly called out I had assumed it was confirmed.

      • If Trump had truly started it AND they could document it they’d be crowing about it. It’s their nature to trumpet (pun intended) anything negative they can prove and a lot they cannot.

        • I don’t know, IJR Red doesn’t normally put negative stuff about President Trump without ten qualifiers so I didn’t question the article with the quote much – just looked to see where it came from since IJR didnt list the source.

          I’ll go back and take a look at it later.

    • Why do you need evidence to support any claim against a Democrat but none against a Republican? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you ever asked yourself why a long and short form Hawaiian birth certificate was not enough evidence of birth in Hawaii for Trump and his supporters? Have you ever asked yourself why 8 investigations of Benghazi was not enough to disprove the conspiracies you wished to believe? How about the FBI investigation of the Clinton server not being enough for you? Why was the Ken Starr investigation not enough? But you support a chant of “lock her up” for a woman Senator that you have zero proof that she or her staff leaked the letter.

  2. ok so , . out of the blue. began chanting”lock her up”? He sure did provoke the chants !! what the hell were you listening to, Screwtape??

  3. Right… because the the Democrats have been leading by example on trying to bring this country together. They are so selfless and right on the cusp of midterms too!

    Psst! Sarcasm ^^^^

    • Phoenix, leadership can also provide BAD examples. Like allowing civil unrest and violence while pearl-clutching and crying for civility. Hillary at least have given up this pretense.

      Like allowing deranged, 3rd-wave feminists to persecute a woman for DARING to think independently, q.v. Susan Collins, or “not-racists” attacking black persons for acting as free adults, q.v. Kanye West, Candace Collins.

      It’s literally the old saw about their lips moving every time they lie. Watch what they do, ignore what they claim.

      • You are naming bad stuff the Democrats have done and there is no defending that some i wont even try. But i think you are missing the divisiveness of the right in your outline.

        There is a distinct lack of leadership for the United States – we only have Republican leaders and Democrat leaders and even they are terrible at it.

        • Phoenix, I won’t get into the “they did it first” argument. It’s a bit childish and there is ample evidence against both sides.

          Also, there IS divisiveness. It’s a natural and normal thing when a side wants to run things, ideologies, etc. aside. It’s human nature.

          It sounds like you are arguing for a multi-party or parliamentary system of government where coaltions must be formed. I think coalitions already exist in our form of government, whether formalized or not. e.g. the women’s movement, whose spokesperson Linda Sarsour is an advocate of Sharia, allying with the Dims “women matter”.

          As far as “leadership”. Yes. It lacks, but so does a sense of national unity which would both make such “leadership” possible, workable, and effective.

          • No, you started it! I’m kidding! Just take solace in that I happily point out when a Democrat omits the stupid stuff the left does as well.

            I’m going to respectfully disagree with your last sentence. Unity is a result FROM good leadership – not a requirement FOR leadership. Leaders are prominent when things are bad and less so when things are good. Like it or not, the other side are still part of the country. Things are never going to be all sunshine, storming is normal and healthy. But at some point a leader needs to help move things forward – generally without name calling and taunting. Now, being that you have a lot more experience in leadership than myself, I’m going to ask you be gentle in your smack down.

  4. She was very convincing on her testimony! Too bad the FBI didn’t see their responsibility to investigate thoroughly before making a report, I’m sure they were instructed to keep it brief by Whitehouse.

    • Lana,

      If someone comes up to you on a Friday and says “This must be done by Monday” is that a realistic timeframe for thoroughness?

      Also consider that Feinstein SAT on this for two months. She not only threw Dr. Ford under the bus by her delays, but the way she treated this violated Judiciary Committee protocols AND betrayed Ford’s wishes for anonymity (due process aside).

      Also blame Ford. She could not say when, where, how. All she had was a “who” which was suspiciously timed with his nomination. Suppose you had to investigate a crime that happened sometime, somewhere, somehow. What would you do? She also had NO witnesses who backed her up. This is less an investigation than a “fill in the blanks”.

      Speaking objectively, the whole story smells. Don’t blame the FBI, blame Feinstein for her exploitation of Ford and her attempts at subterfuge.

  5. “And in my life, a lot of women have talked to me about this kind of thing, as a matter of fact, and I have always kept it confidential,” she continued. “And I did until she was ready. Because you can’t do that to women.”

    “Until she was ready”? I thought the information was leaked without Ford’s knowledge.

    • And I thought Feinstein nor her staff had anything to do with the release? Remember when she turned to her staff and asked, “did we do this” no, no one in my office did this!

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