New ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ Production Downplays Horrors of Holocaust by Comparing Nazis to ICE Agents

A new Los Angeles production of “The Diary of Anne Frank” features a unique twist, with a family of illegal immigrants reading the diary from their place of hiding. 

However, those involved in the project want to clarify that they are not replacing the characters, but rather adding on to the story through staging.

“We are not changing the Nazi characters to ICE agents in our upcoming production of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank,'” producer Anne Kathryn Parma said to Fox News. “This will be a word-for-word presentation of the 1997 Broadway script. We are, however, re-imagining the setting with LatinX families reading the play from their Safe House. This new staging was inspired by the true story of a Jewish woman in Los Angeles.” 

Although they claim they are not changing characters, the staging is still comparing the experience of Jews during the Holocaust to illegal immigrants on the run from ICE. According to a statement to Broadway World, the re-staging is based on a true story.

“Zimmerman’s unique take on the staging was inspired by the true story of a Jewish woman in Los Angeles who created a ‘Safe House’ for a Latina mother and her two daughters after her husband was deported by ICE,” said the statement. “The characters in the attic will be played by a LatinX cast.”

The production will open September 6 and is being directed by Stan Zimmerman, who was a writer for the sitcom Roseanne. 

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