‘The Nation Was Lucky to Have Him’: Dick Cheney Shares Memories from His Time Working for George H.W. Bush


Former Vice President Dick Cheney recently spoke about memories he made while working with former President George H. W. Bush.

Cheney served as the defense secretary for the late president and spent a large amount of time with the politician. During an appearance on Face The Nation, Cheney shared his thoughts about the president.

“Well I think the nation was lucky to have him at that particular time, I say he was the last World War II veteran,” said Cheney. “And well also, there were just remarkable events that took place during those four years when you think about the end of the Cold War, the Soviet Union going out of business. the unification of Germany, the liberation, if you will, of all those former Soviet states in Eastern Europe.”


The former vice president was very positive when speaking about the way that Bush led the country during a time of change for the United States.

“And all of a sudden [the Cold War] ends and he was in exactly the right spot when that happened, especially because he understood that partly what was needed was to manage the U.S. reaction, that there was a way if you overdid it, if say people were dancing on the Berlin Wall you could get into a situation where you’d make it tougher for Gorbachev to do what we wanted him to do, which was end the Cold War and the president was masterful at shaping that relationship.”

He also pointed out how important Bush’s background in the military was for his presidency.

“Involved in the details both with the use of the military, as well as in the diplomacy. But on the military side of it he was a great boss because he’d basically give you your head, told me to go run the Defense Department, I mean four million people in defense in those days,” said Cheney.


The former president passed away late Friday night, and he will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol until Wednesday.

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