Fresh Out of Confinement, Dinesh D’Souza Tells What He Learned About His Roommates & His New Mission

Filmmaker and author Dinesh D’Souza recently completed eight months in a confinement center after being convicted of making an illegal campaign donation.

He spoke to Megyn Kelly about this “tough crowd” and how, after his initial culture shock, he set out to get to know them and what their belief systems were – a sort of anthropological experiment.

He said most of the criminals he was housed with, which included drug smugglers and murderers, believe they’re the small guys and that:

“…the big criminals are out there, they’re at large, that they are so powerful that the system can’t get them. In fact, they are the system.”

Those interactions have given D’Souza a whole new field to research and see if “the criminals are basically right.”

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