Director of ‘The Avengers’ Forced Off Twitter After Outraged Fans Bombard Him with Death Threats

Joss Whedon, writer-director of Marvel’s “Avengers” films, has quit Twitter, reports E! Online. First he tweeted his own creepy version of a well-known lullaby via the now-defunct account:

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Then, he departed with a more positive message to his fans:

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The reason?

Death threats and violent tweets like this one, which have since been deleted:

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And this one, also deleted:

Image Credit: Twitter screenshot

And many more. So how did it all start?

A few weeks back, two of the film’s stars, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner, made comments during a press interview that many deemed sexist. The discussion was about Scarlett Johansson’s character, Black Widow, a former Russian spy who, along with her wits and fighting ability, uses her sexuality to vanquish foes.

When asked which superhero she’d wind up with, Renner and Evans laid into the character, seemingly jokingly:

[mga_video type=”” id=”acJzw2NlmmA”]

First Renner said:

“She’s a slut,”

Then Evans, laughing, added:

“She’s a complete whore.”

Although they were speaking—apparently facetiously—about the character Black Widow, and not actress Scarlet Johansen, social media was ablaze almost immediately with offended comments.

It wasn’t until the movie was actually released, though, that the real trouble for Whedon started. Die-hard fans, unhappy with his portrayal of the beloved Black Widow character, attacked him online:

“Saturday Night Live” even did a parody of a hypothetical Black Widow movie, which created a whole new wave of backlash against Marvel and Whedon:

[mga_video type=”” id=””]

Twitter user John Sargaent summed it all up rather well in this tweet:

Whedon’s had his problems with Twitter in the past. He once said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“The moment I joined, oh my God, what a responsibility, this is enormous work—very fun, but it really started to take up a huge amount of my head space”

He also revealed he’d quit once before due to repeated questions about making more episodes of his beloved first show “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” So, maybe this isn’t the last Twitter’s seen of Whedon.

What do you think?

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