• Beverly Linton

    Funny how an actor or actress can be handsome and beautiful until they open their mouth and spew hatred and vitriol; then all of a sudden they are ugly and unattractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this beholder doesn't like her anymore.

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  • Seifert Elizabeth

    ....is her nose growing....?

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  • Evangeline Rodriguez

    ??? Andrew Clark you are correct to say her speech was not brave. Brave would have been fighting in a war; brave is the raped victim who stands up against their rapist in court; brave is a child in their 3rd round of chemo still smiling. Standing on a soap box, in a room of wealthy liberal peers, living in a bubble, in a country with freedom of speech, is just another day at the office for an accomplished actress. 

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  • sezsue

    All I could think after hearing her speech, was what a hypocrite she and the rest of the Hollyweirders are. They make their living peddling violence and other types of destructive behavior, but they call out everyone else for their perceived wrongdoing. Classic case of do as I say, not as I do...

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  • blueangel

    I am DONE with All of these Hollywood Elites and their Leftist, Liberal Views & Agenda! I'm DONE! #BoycottHollywood 

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  • Lee Hoffman

    You stated "There is nothing brave about a Hollywood actress condemning Donald Trump at an awards ceremony."   She did not mention Donald Trump's name once.  If he was condemned he did it to himself when he PUBLICALLY rediculed the physically challenged reporter.  I for one will speak out whenever I hear hate and lies trying to pass for justified self righteousness.  

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    • Sabrina M. Kroeger

      Maybe she should have condemned the actual happening of a diabled person getting kidnapped and tortured?  And how about you find out the truth about Trump and the disabled reporter?  It is clear that you have not seen anything but what the left and MSM has shared, which is an convienently (for them) an edited snippet making sure you only see the way they want you to see it.

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  • Grace

    [This comment was deleted.]

  • Jean Amunrud

    What about the first amendment???? She did not name names but we all know who did the deed! Reid said Dems need to grow up well you did the same thing in 2008 when Obama won! Whats good for the goose is also good for the gander!

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  • Anne Yvonne Ahnert Huijs

    Spot on Andrew Clark!

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  • Kathryn Kobor

    Streep a first class snob

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  • Jordan

    I'm with you man!  Thank goodness for the voice of reason and wisdom finally coming to the White House!  

    All women - #grabthembythepussy Megyn Kelly - #bloodcomingofhereverywhere All women - #womenwhoseekabortionsshouldgetsomeformofpunishment Ruth Bader Ginsberg - #hermindisshotresign  10 year old girl - #imgoingtobedatingher10years Gold Star family mother of slain US soldier - #lookathiswifeshewastandingthere.shehadnotheingtosay Ivanka Trump - Howard Stern #canisaythis?apieceofass Donald Trump - #yeah.  

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  • Reynaldo Salaman

    Unfortunately we live in a country where people can publicly humiliate the physically and mentally challenged and the people who tried to defend them are  the ones that are dragged through the mud....smh.... no, it wasn't Brave.. Just the right thing to do...

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  • Keisha Smith

    People like her is destroying America! We Are supposed to be a united america. Haters like this divide and destroy the American values. We were against Obama and we stood tall, stood as Americans supporting our brothers decision to vote him in.  Why can't these  do the same. Really?? Bad mouth your own president? Shame on you!  Shame. Move away! Get out on my country if you hate it so much!!

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  • Meryl Steep is a hypocrite. If Streep really is an advocate for the disabled, why hasn't she condemned the horrible disability snuff film "Me Before You"?? Disability advocates have universally condemned this film, yet NO Hollywood Liberals speak against it!

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