New Report Shows American Hostages Are Twice As Likely to Die in Captivity, But That May Change Soon
  • Ken McLeod10 months ago

    My first reaction to this is WHAT THE fU*K ARE YOU back opacking in that region of the World for?  You are stupid for going tthere in the first place.  By doing this you not only put yourselves in danger, but your unborn child.  You are a moron!!!!

    Now, because you acted like a moron, you bring the U.S. into something they should NOT have to deal with.  

    So of course Presdient Obama failed you, what did you expect with his track record dealing with Middle Eastern couintries.

    So now, President Elect Trump with have to address this.  Now being the man Mr. Trump is, he will make a deal to try and get you back.  Whether he's succesful or not, is yet to bre seen since he has to deal with leaders who don't value human life.

    LET THE ME A WARNING TO ANYONE WHO THINKS IT'S EVEN REMOTELY SAFE TO TRAVEL TO THE MIDDLE EAST.  You are a fool if you think you're safe.  You are a fool if you think nothing will happen to youl  You are a fool for making such a stupid dicission and think your country will just make a deal to get you back.  Moral of the story.  DON'T BE A FOOL!

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  • Real1ty B1tes10 months ago

    So Europeans are 3.5 times more likely to be taken hostage. (About 60 million people in each of those countries vs. 320 million in the US.)

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  • Jai Vee10 months ago

    There's plenty of beautiful places to backpack.. The middle eastern countries is not one. Putting you and your family in danger is just as crazy as going to this countries..

    But praying President Donald Trump can help..!!!

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