• BB

    Now I've heard that the CEO of Buzzfeed and most of it's reporters are druggies and are really fu*ked up! Oh this is "unverified" but I believe it to be true.

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    • IntegrityImportant

      @BB, I mean duh for sure why else would they make such an idioic mistake?  Well, then, again, how about an alcohol buzz?  Couple bottles, a few drinks, whoops, individuals will slap anything on that computer machine as MSNBC's star reporter calls it!  All Unverified of course, but these days, going into 2017 and all, who in the heck cares.  Let's get it on.  Destroy that new president and harm the country in the process.  That booze or those drugs will deaden any remnant of conscious that the twits doubtless don't have anyhow.  Yep, welcome to 2017!

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  • I vote

    Go to Buzzfeed if you want to know about Big Foot's love child the next martian invasion...

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  • Scott

    Buzzfeed is successfully destroying itself. You don't corroborate the story? You put out what is essentially a malicious accusation without ANY backup???

    The rediculousness of the story is self evident and would have raised the bs radar with anyone who didn't have an agenda.

    you think by printing a cautionary sentence attached to a clear hit piece somehow allows you to have your cake and eat it too?

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  • Lana Wood

    The sad thing is that dumbsh1t liberals take this crap as the God's honest truth and run with it. I got bombarded with it on my FB feed from liberals. They've always been garbage and continue to be garbage.

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  • Lee Kent

    Half-baked News, definition: you have to be high to believe it. 

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  • Lou J Apa

      This news agency was just a little too anxious to publish a hot story no one else would tough without corroboration! Why?? Bad move and this will hurt BuzzFeed!  

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  • Geheim Nisvoll

    The CEO of Buzzfeed hosts massive satanic orgies, deals cocaine and eats children. (*)

    (*) Of course, all of this is from unverified sources, I don't really know if any of it is true.

    See how that game is played? Thanks for sharing it. We can ALL play now.

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  • Olivia Tuttle

     The hypocrisy of these people is unreal. I don't trust any of them now. What happened to reporting the real news?  Oh I know they don't know how and fake news pays better. What happened to libel?  

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  • Kathy Tscheiner

    That's liberals for you - speak first, turn on your little brain later if you can find it.

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  • Max Clevinger

    I don't remember BuzzFeed "covering the hell" out of Obambam & his administration. Let me get this straight, they know the story & statements are unverified, contain mistakes and are probably false, but they printed it anyway so the public can decide, DECIDE WHAT??? Lord help Trump these next 4 years!

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  • Lee Jenkins


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  • Mike Michaelichka

    This trash from Buzzfeed is discusting!  Their attempted rationale for releasing such garbage is illiterate. It sounds imbecilic.  The name 'BUZZfeed' certainly fits. Do some drugs, write some lies. 

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  • Zeigfried Whiffle

    " Report something nobody else has found or observed, clearly, fairly, and credibly.”   Two out of three down the cr*pper.  It sure is clear where they stand.

    They knew it was true because an un-named source heard that it was when he was seated between Elvis and Sasquatch on his last UFO ride. 

    This just in.....Dan Rather to leave the home and join the staff at Buzzfeed.

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  • Lenny Hawley

    The only reason they put this story out there is because Donald Trump has good relations with Russia and Odumbo pissed them off. Now the liberals are trying to do damage control but are just doing more damage because we all know that Donald Trump is a better communicator in foreign relations than Odumbo ever was in the past 8 years. Just look at how that POS Muslim stabbed Israel in the back. Odumbo is a Muslim who wants to destroy America. Are the liberals so gay that they can't see the damage Odumbo has done to America? Is it because he lets them have sex with his male gorilla? They need to go to their safe space and stay there. And don't forget to take Odumbo's male gorilla with you. 

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  • Ken Cucchi

    BuzzFeed admits it publishes unverified reports. This is like Nazi propaganda. Is this legal in the United States of America.

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  • Chuck

    Buzzfeed has it half right in their name... BUZZ, as in half the people working there are high! They are less then tabloid trash, in fact I would venture to bet that tabloid trash has a better track record of fact finding then buzzfeed has!

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  • Christian Kurth

    Go Buzzfeed and report on Muslim child marriages. Muslim carnage in Europe. Cologne, Germany would be a good start. 

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