• For the good of the American people POTUS is willing to do what must be done.  This is something diehards on both sides are generally not for as progress might mean their constituents come to the realization that they  are, and have been, part of the problem for some time.

    That might lead to term limits and if they are not in office how will they flat out give their unqualified friends and family members overpaid government jobs. How will they receive top notch medical care they barely pay for? Also how will they secure mortgages and private loans they truly can't afford if they can't use their "pull" to help the lending institution in question out of a bind with federal regulators?

    POTUS has to make this compromise with Chucky and the Surgical Marvel for the good of the people in part because clearly the old guard in D.C. have time and again shown themselves more concerned with optics than actual breathing living day to day people. And to be clear by old guard I mean long seated members from both parties.

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    • Trying to recall when Obama did something like this, but my memory is failing me. I remember just the opposite, tours of the whitehouse shut down, salaries cut by sequestration, all of the uncertainty, holidays looming for many. As I recall, it was My Way or The Highway all the time. Nothing got done. THATS 'what happened'.

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