Ex-DNC Official Shreds Sanders for Defending Gabbard Against Clinton’s Remarks

Mike Blake/File Photo/Reuters

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) made news Monday night after he defended fellow presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) against allegations that she is a Russian asset.

That tweet didn’t sit well with former Democratic National Committee field director Adam Parkhomenko who made no secret of his distaste for Sanders in a series of tweets:

On Monday, night President Donald Trump defended Gabbard while speaking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity as IJR has previously reported:

“I don’t know Tulsi Gabbard, but I know one thing: She’s not an asset of Russia.”

Parkhomenko is the co-founder of the Ready Hillary Super PAC and worked at the DNC after the primary, but his tweets further exasperated tensions between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Sanders supporters.

Clinton’s spokesman Nick Merrill said her comments were taken out of context and claimed that she was trying to respond to a question about Republicans:

The fact-checking website, Politifact, passed on assessing the truthfulness of Merrill’s comments and instead posted a transcript of Hillary’s comments “so that readers can decide for themselves” and urged readers to take a look at Gabbard’s response.

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“Maybe he’s the Russian asset having a Russian name.” James

Probably not since the name isn’t even Russian. Its Ukrainian.


Let’s not forget the corrupt, game-rigging DNC screwed Bernie in the 2016 primaries. This guy was very much a party in that and they still lost.

On the plus side, good. It’s wonderful when the Dims eat their own.


Where’s Gabbbard’s response? Ran out of room from spouting Adam Parkhamenko? Interesting tidbit – the surname “Parkhamenko” is of Russian origin.





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