DNC Walks Away From Women’s March as the Leadership Team’s Ties to Anti-Semitism Continue to Cause Tension

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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has ended their sponsorship of the National Women’s March.

Although the March is less than a week away, the DNC had their name removed from a list of sponsors for the March after a series of accusations of anti-Semitism rocked the leadership team for the national organization.

Both Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory have ties to Nation of Islam leader and proud anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. Mallory even posted a photo to Instagram referring to Farrakhan as the “GOAT” or the “greatest of all time.”

When she was confronted by Meghan McCain, as IJR previously reported, she couldn’t even cough up a condemnation, instead saying, “I didn’t call him the greatest of all time because of his rhetoric. I called him the greatest of all time because of what he’s done in black communities.”

This type of weak condemnation has prompted several local marches and sponsors to cut ties with the national leadership team to avoid the connection to anti-Semitism.

The DNC is the latest to join the list of sponsors who will not be marching on January 19.

According to The Daily Beast, the DNC didn’t exactly demand that the Women’s March condemn anti-Semitism when they left, rather they made a quiet exit.

In a statement, DNC Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh stated:

“The DNC stands in solidarity with all those fighting for women’s rights and holding the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers across the country accountable. Women are on the front lines of fighting back against this administration and are the core of our Democratic Party.”

While this statement is not a strong condemnation of the March’s leadership, it did please many on social media who have been looking for a rebuke of anti-Semitism. Others just enjoyed the infighting between to massive, left-leaning organizations.

Even without the support of the DNC, the March is scheduled to go on. Women will be taking the streets of D.C. on Saturday.

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