Jewish Doctor Gives Powerfully Compassionate Response After Treating Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter

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In the middle of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting tragedy, one doctor is choosing to rise above hatred and show compassion.

Amid the tragedy that killed 11, the accused shooter was injured and was subsequently taken to Allegheny General Hospital. The president of the hospital, Dr. Jeff Cohen, oversaw the treatment of the suspect.

Cohen is Jewish and also a member of the Tree of Life synagogue that was attacked. The doctor met the man, but instead of an angry response, he had an interesting response.

“Yesterday, I went up to meet him, and I was just curious as to ‘who is this guy?’ And quite honestly, he’s just a guy,” Cohen told Channel 4 News, according to the Daily Wire. “And he’s … people say that he’s evil, he’s this … he’s some mother’s son. And how did he get from that to where he is today? That’s going to be a large debate that we have to wrestle with as a society.”

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The president of the hospital claimed that many who helped him were also Jewish but continued to care for him as part of their job:

“He was severely injured, and he got great care here. Many of the people that attended to him were Jewish. And they’re heroes. They did like the cops did; they did their job. They went and they confronted the problem, and they were true to their core beliefs; and I’m very proud of them.”

Many, including the president, have called for the death penalty, saying the punishment should fit the crime.

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However, Cohen says that he observed the shooter had a lot in common with some other patients he sees and did not want to pass judgment on the shooter.

“I just looked at him, and he’s like a lot of people that come in here,” Cohen said. “They’re scared; they’re confused; they don’t quite understand it. But once again, my job isn’t to judge him; other people give that — that’s a pretty awesome responsibility. My job is to take care of him.”

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