DOJ Spokesperson Accuses NBC’s Chuck Todd of Deceptively Editing Barr’s Comments on Michael Flynn’s Case

A spokesperson for the Justice Department is accusing NBC News of deceptively editing an interview with Attorney General William Barr.

In a tweet on Sunday afternoon, Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec blasted NBC News’ Chuck Todd for a segment he aired on the government’s decision to drop its prosecution of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn

“Very disappointed by the deceptive editing/commentary by [Chuck Todd] on [Meet The Press] on AG Barr’s CBS interview,” Kupec said in a tweet. 

She continued, “Compare the two transcripts below. Not only did the AG make the case in the VERY answer, Chuck says he didn’t, he also did so multiple times throughout the interview.”

During a segment on “Meet The Press,” Todd played a clip of an interview Barr did with CBS News on Thursday where he was asked how he thought history would view the decision to drop the prosecution of Flynn. 

However, the video Todd played only contained part of Barr’s answer. “Well, history is written by the winner. So it largely depends on who’s writing the history,” Barr is seen saying in the clip.

“I was struck, Peggy, by the cynicism of the answer. It’s a correct answer, but he’s the attorney general. He didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law,” Todd said, adding, “He was almost admitting that, yeah, this is a political job.”

Watch the video below:

In the full transcript of the CBS News interview, Barr continued his response, “But I think a fair history would say that it was a good decision because it upheld the rule of law. It helped, it upheld the standards of the Department of Justice, and it undid what was an injustice.”

However, Todd did not reference that portion of the transcript.

In several clips from the interview, posted by CBS News, Barr’s comments are cut off at the same point as the NBC News clip.

Watch that interview below:

The Justice Department decided to drop its prosecution of Flynn on Thursday, as IJR reported

In a motion in court, the department said, “The Government has determined, pursuant to the Principles of Federal Prosecution and based on an extensive review and careful consideration of the circumstances, that continued prosecution of this case would not serve the interests of justice.”

That move led to allegations that the Justice Department had become politicized and drew swift backlash. 

But in an interview with CBS hours later, Barr explained the decision to drop the case, “Our duty, we think, is to dismiss the case.”

He added, “A crime cannot be established here.”


  1. Barr is a liar and a criminal and belongs in prison next to trump.

  2. The DOJ has been corrupted by Barr and doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Why did the prosecutor resign? Now tihs:

  3. Anything to berate the Trump Admin, if not Donald, Melania, if not Melania,Pompeo then Pence,Barr, Flynn et al. Who watches NBC ABC, CBS or anymore except hardcore lefties.
    Todd, Stephanopoulos, Nichole Wallace, Maddow, Hayes all suck. Only reason I know their names is because I see them as I pass by onto Discovery, Natl Geographics, Justice and other channels. Their pathetic purveyors of lies, innuendoes, and partisan putas

    1. You got it. They all have started believing the Liberal owned, Opinion spouting Media. They wouldn’t admit Truth if it was hanging from a Buck Naked person’s Neck, who happened to be standing in front of an Alien ship at the gates of Hell.

  4. Is lying to the FBI a crime in America? What if a person lies to the FBI twice and then admits it?

    1. Is the FBI lying to a person in order to get them to say something the FBI considers a lie a crime? And should it be a crime for the FBI, after tricking a person into what they consider a lie, to force a person into bankruptcy and then threaten to go after their kids’ money? And then accept a guilty plea knowing the person did nothing illegal? What if people are so ignorant they believe what the FBI did was alright?

      1. Lie by LE to a suspect in a criminal investigation/interrogation is LEGAL. Get facts before you post.

        1. Yes. YOU should get the facts before posting. But – you seem lost ,so let me help you out here….
          Google “entrapment by federal authorities”, and we’ll all hope that you can read and understand the results of that search.

        2. Ha ha, facts. There was NO criminal investigation, Dumbass. The investigation was based in a False document Paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign, with the Knowledge of The Obama Administration. There Is the F-ing Collusion you Ignorant F-up. Come June when Durham finishes crossing Ts and dotting Is, every one of these slime ball Demoncrat Libtards is being charged with a crime. Some may even be charged with Treason and end up in Guantanamo. And we will laugh and keep on going. We have shit to do.

  5. Todd is such a disappointment. He pushes his own bias instead of reporting news. Can’t turn the channel fast enough.

    1. Amen Man. Give me The Munsters or Hogans Heros on some Antique streaming channel anyday! Lol

  6. NBC propaganda puppet of Democrat Socialist Workers Party. Well done comrade

    1. You must be talking about Fox News all they do is lie just like Trump. Now that the virus is in the White House I hope there will be a lot less liars especially Trump and Pence.

  7. The editing of video tape is nothing new to NBC News. They have been doing it for years. Tom Brokaw is the first person at NBC that I am aware of who edited tape with Rodney King to make people believe that he was beat by the police for no reason. It was false!
    But Chuck Todd has carried it to an extreme. This editing of AG Barr’s statement is beyond the pale. In an honorable organization, Chuck Todd would be fired. What do you think NBC will do about getting exposed for this “dirty trick”? Nothing if I know NBC!

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    1. Only thing better would to have the newscaster stand in a hole during a hurricane while reading the fake news.

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