Bob Dole Honored His Former Competitor George H.W. Bush in a Way Only a Veteran Could

Former United States Sen. Bob Dole captured the hearts of many Americans when he took to his own two feet to honor his former competitor, former President George H.W. Bush.

Dole and Bush ran against each other to be the Republican nominee for president in 1988. Dole ended up losing to Bush, but he never lost respect for his former competitor.

On Tuesday, Dole joined thousands of other Americans in paying their respects to the former president, but not many could look away when Dole arrived at his old rival’s casket.

With a bit of help from an aide, the 95-year-old got out of his wheelchair to give one final salute to his fellow World War II veteran.

Watch the video below:

Many Americans were captivated by Dole’s somber salute to Bush. Some took to Twitter to express their awe in Dole’s touching tribute, including Bush’s son, Jeb:

Some even noticed that Dole also honored the former president with is choice in socks, a hat tip to Bush’s famous affinity for colorful socks.

The moment was a beautiful symbol of American unity and fighting spirit, overcoming past rivalries to honor a great man and patriot — from his own two feet.


  1. Though they were bitter rivals in life it’s appropriate to see one old warrior pay final respects to another. That’s dignity.

    1. Absolutely ST! I correct you on one point: They were POLITICAL rivals, but I like to think that’s where it ended. It’s hard to imagine this kind of respect for one’s rival continuing into later generations. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  2. The “Greatest Generation” still has much to share and teach us all through example.

    1. Unfortunately, many from the following generations don’t want to listen….In fact, think they will melt

  3. This story is very moving. It is beautiful to see Bob Dole, despite needing an aide, standing to salute his fellow veteran. Also, his snowman socks are amazing!

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