Shock Jock Don Imus Trashes Fox Colleague Dana Perino: ‘She Sucks And Her Book Sucks’

Last Thursday, Don Imus, host of “Imus in the Morning” on the Fox Business Network, trashed his Fox colleague, Dana Perino, over an interview she did on his show the previous morning promoting her new book.

In Imus’ minute-and-a-half long rant, he said that he was angered by the attitude Perino had with him when on his show.

Aside from her attitude, other issues Imus took with Perino were:

  • Referring to Imus’ previous guest, country star Dwight Yoakam, as a “warm up act”
  • How Perino wouldn’t reveal how she ended up as President Bush’s final Press Secretary
  • Perino calling her dog, Jasper, “America’s dog”
  • And that Perino’s interview seemed “rehearsed” and she only stuck to her talking points about the book

Initially after the interview on Wednesday, Imus only seemed frustrated over the rehearsed vibe Perino gave, but when Thursday morning rolled around, he told his audience how he really felt:

“Don’t ask to be on this program and then come in here and be a jerk as Dana Perino was yesterday. God! Man, who needs that? I mean, there’s somebody who’s just, what, are you kidding me? God, that was irritating. I’m happy, if people ask me and they ask the show to be on to promote their book, I’m happy to do it, but then don’t come in here with an attitude. And then not want to have a conversation. Oh my God. You couldn’t have a conversation with her. She got her little talking points.”

Following his introduction of why he was upset, Imus really ripped into Perino, even saying at one point that “she sucks and her book sucks”:

“First of all, she was the press secretary, that was a mercy move. They had 37 press secretaries and they found her, I mean, I mean, what? Described Dwight Yoakam as your “opening act.” Another no-talent loser. Honest to God. Are you kidding me? She sucks and her book sucks. Oh, my God, that irritated me… I’m happy to help. Really, nobody’s more supportive than me. But don’t come in here and cop an attitude.”

Usually, Fox colleagues don’t openly criticize the network or each other. But as Mediaite reported Monday, Imus may have been comfortable with bashing Perino because he’s leaving the network in May.

You can watch the majority of Perino’s Wednesday interview below:

[mga_video type=”youtube” id=”ddeBxn6afuE”]