Don Lemon Defended Acosta’s Clash With Trump ― He Had a Different Reaction When It Happened to Obama

CNN’s Don Lemon rushed to defend his colleague, White House correspondent Jim Acosta, after his heated clash with President Donald Trump resulted in his hard pass to the White House being suspended, but he played a different tune when a similar incident happened with former President Barack Obama.

Watch Acosta interrupt Trump below:

During his broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” Lemon slammed Trump and praised Acosta for “trying to do [his] job.”

Watch Lemon defend Acosta below:

“You just heard [Trump] threatening the Mueller investigation. He also threatened reporters as well, so this is an angry exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta, NBC’s Peter Alexander, full of down and dirty, personal insults simply because reporters are trying to do their jobs, which is to ask the president questions.”

As IJR reported, there was a clear divide between how right-leaning viewers saw Acosta’s behavior and how other media saw the behavior.

But this divide on the standard of behavior between for reporters didn’t always exist. In fact, when Neil Munro, a Daily Caller reporter, interrupted Obama, nearly everyone, including Lemon, called him out.

Watch Munro interrupt Obama below:

Watch Lemon condemn Munro’s behavior:

“Some in the conservative media have called Munro’s hissy fit refreshing, most, thankfully, have denounced it. […] As a journalist, I know there are ways to get my questions answered. It may not always be on the timeline I want, but there’s always a way to do it, and Mr. Munro interrupting the leader of the free world, at the White House, in front of an international audience is not the way, and quite frankly, you’re the one who should be answering and asking questions of yourself.”

The standard of respect that a president is owed seems to have shifted in the mind of Lemon and many of his peers.

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Don Lemon REALLLLY needs to have his ass kicked. What a whiny, pompous piece of shit..

Jim Walker

As shifty as Lemon’s mind is it’s no wonder his opinion has shifted.
He worships Obama, so Obama could do no wrong. So anything even remotely lacking any aspect of total genuflection is sacrilege

David James



There are several ways to look at this.
1. Don Lemon is practicing a double-standard. No surprise.
2. Each president chose to react as he did.
3. If history is dragged into this, Acosta has one. A bad one.
4. Bad behavior is bad behavior.


Did Acosta interrupt the initial statement? Like the time specific for no questions and only listening? Because that is the Neil Munro example.

Also, Obama handled that far more delicately than the president did. Obama even then went back and answered the question, even though it asked at an inappropriate time.

Look, I don’t like how Acosta acted either, but this isn’t even a parallel to the same scenario.

Rocky Drummond

The Neil Munro video in not available, now, but I remember seeing it at the relevant time. IIRC, Munro interrupted the process, while Acosta was just trying to get his question answered by someone who clearly did not want to answer it. That’s a big difference. Besides that, how the hell does the Daily Caller warrant getting a WH press pass, anyway? Geesh, this world is crazy!





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