Trump Calls on Republicans to Retake Alabama Senate Seat From Dems but Warns ‘Roy Moore Cannot Win’

Donald Trump
Joshua Roberts/Reuters

President Donald Trump warned Republicans that they need to win the Alabama Senate seat up for grabs in 2020 if they want to preserve the achievements that the Trump administration has made but added that he did not think former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore was the man for the job.

In a pair of tweets published Wednesday morning, Trump called on Republicans to take back the Senate seat currently held by Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.), pointing out that whoever is elected to the position will be holding it for six years rather than two.

“Republicans cannot allow themselves to again lose the Senate seat in the great state of Alabama,” the president tweeted. “This time it will be for six years, not just two.”

He continued on to say that while he has “nothing” against Moore and that he “wanted” him to win the seat in the 2017 special election, he did not believe that the former state Supreme Court justice would win in 2020.

“I have nothing against Roy Moore, and unlike many other Republican leaders, wanted him to win,” Trump wrote. “But he didn’t, and probably won’t.”

The president then warned that the “incredible gains” made during his presidency were at risk if the Senate seat did not flip back to the Republicans.

Moore is weighing a second run against Jones for the Senate, whom he lost to in the 2017 special election for the vacant seat left by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Trump was an advocate for Moore during the election, even recording a robocall for him in the last few days of the election.

During the election campaign, a number of women came forward alleging that Moore had made sexual advances toward them while they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. He stated in an interview earlier this year that he was “seriously considering” another run and that he believed the 2017 special election was “stolen” from him.

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Chad Evans

I have to agree with Trump on this one. Roy should stay out of it altogether, and not dilute the field.


Screw Roy Moore. He should pack it in.

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