Trump Nails Biden for His 2020 Flip-Flops: ‘Everything He Says He’s Taken Back Two Weeks Later’


President Donald Trump fired off at 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden (D) for his multiple flip-flops during the race for his party’s presidential nomination.

In an excerpt from an interview set to be released on Sunday, Trump took aim at the former vice president, blasting him as a “weak guy” who “wanted to be the tough guy.”

“He wanted to be the tough guy,” said the president. “He’s not a tough guy; he’s a weak guy.”

Watch the video here:

The president continued on to slam Biden for flipping on big issues such as China’s growing global economic influence and the pro-life Hyde amendment, pointing out that the former vice president has “taken back” everything he has said due to pressure from the left flank of the Democratic party.

“He has recalibrated on everything,” said Trump. “Everything he says he’s taken back two weeks later because he’s getting slammed by the left.”

“He’s stuck with this stuff,” added the president. “I mean, he’s really stuck with it.”

As IJR Red previously reported, Biden — who was the former chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations — reversed course on his previous stance regarding China as a global competitor to the U.S., admitting “we are in a competition with China” in planned remarks after shrugging off the idea of the communist nation was “going to eat our lunch.”

Biden also recently came under fire from his competitors on the 2020 Democratic primary campaign trail for his “flip-flop-flip” on the pro-life Hyde amendment, which prohibits federal funds from being used to pay for abortions except when the mother’s life is in danger or in cases of rape or incest.

His deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield, struggled to explain the flip during an interview on CNN earlier this month, claiming that the “substantive explanation” for the move “is that the moment that we’re in now is a dramatically different one.”

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Again, 100% accuracy from POTUS! Biden is a total tool and sell out. The left no longer stands for what it once did. All of the candidates are pandering to the radical alt-left. America will reject them all in the end.


Biden will say and do whatever it takes to win. Nothing he says can be believed or trusted. He dropped out of his first bid for the Presidency because of plagiarizing his opponents speeches and was found to have nearly been expelled from college for Plagiarism. I love his false claim that there were no scandals or lies during the Obamanation. That was hilla we us!!


jojothemonkeyboy does not “flipflop.”
He merely answers questions and makes statements he believes will make his audience happy in the moment. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, plus he has no principles or moral/ethical basis for any of his constantly morphing “beliefs” anyway.
To say that he flip-flops would presume that he has the moral grounding of a flip-flop.

Donna Simmons
Donna Simmons

President trump is the only one with balls. Everyone else follows path already made..


Trump neglected to mention Gropin’ Joe’s 40+ years in government, with (zero?) discernible accomplishments or distinctions (’cause VP is suuuccch a powerful position), after a pre-political career, again with neither accomplishments nor distinctions.

Joe’s a career politician. This means his spine, ethics, etc. were surgically removed years ago.

Let’s also remember Joe’s flop on illegal immigration, but he shares that with the Dims in general.





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