Trump Visits US Coast Guard on Thanksgiving and Personally Thanks Every Member Present for Their Service

President Donald Trump visited members of the U.S. Coast Guard on Thanksgiving Day “to thank them for the great job they have been doing.”

“We’re just celebrating the Coast Guard because it has to be celebrated,” Trump said as he opened his remarks.

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“It’s an honor to be with all of you, and thank you very much,” Trump said as he spent time at the Coast Guard Station Lake Worth Inlet in Florida.

After his remarks and conversation with about 100 service members, Trump shook each Coast Guard members’ hand to thank them each individually and wish them a happy Thanksgiving. He thanked them especially for their service during hurricane responses, saving thousands of lives since his presidency began.

“Nobody has gone up more than the Coast Guard,” Trump said.

The president asked which Coast Guard member lifted the most and then pretended to battle one officer to a fake arm wrestle.

Watch the video below:

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Trump also spent part of his Thanksgiving morning on a teleconference with members of each military branch who are currently spending the holiday serving overseas.

“I want to thank you all for serving today,” he said. “We thank God for the blessings of having you people be our heroes — and you really are our heroes — and your families are back here, and they love you, and they respect you, and they look forward to seeing you.

“You’re the ones who keep America safe and strong and free,” Trump added. “You do a job like nobody else, and it is really great respect that we all have.”

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