Donald Trump Displayed a Movie Poster of Himself On the Table During His Latest Cabinet Meeting

If the Trump universe could get any more bizarre, it did so on Wednesday when the president showed off a movie poster of himself on his desk, inspired by “Game of Thrones.”

The poster made an appearance during a cabinet meeting on Wednesday in which President Trump ping-ponged between topics that included the government shutdown, North Korea and his generals looking better than Tom Cruise. In fact, during the off-the-rails discussion, the wacky poster was the only constant.

Trump displayed the poster facing away from him, ensuring that it would be picked up by the cameras and giggled about by the press.

Here’s a picture of that madness:

Here’s another photo of it. This one is from a bit of a distance so you can get a grasp of how large that artwork is and how it dominates the entire table.

The poster read “Sanctions are Coming” — a play on the “Winter is Coming” motto of the show — and was probably aimed at Iran, though it can sometimes be difficult to figure out who Trump is trying to punish economically.

The poster originally appeared last November when Trump sent it out in a tweet:

During the meeting, Trump maintained that he’s going to get his wall built one way or another. At one point, he said bluntly, “walls work.”

Online, some commenters had different takes, including the Washington Post’s Robert Costa who pointed out that the wall in Game of Thrones’ most recent season fails to stop an army of the undead.

When Trump first tweeted out the image, HBO said in a statement “We were not aware of this messaging and would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes.”

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  1. Trump is fighting for what the majority of US LEGAL citizens want- A WALL. He is trying to fulfill his election promises. Btw, I love the poster!

  2. TRUMP: ‘I had a meeting at the Pentagon with lots of generals. They were like from a movie. Better looking than Tom Cruise, & stronger. And I had more generals than I’ve ever seen, & we were at the bottom of this incredible room. I said, ‘this is greatest room I’ve ever seen.’

  3. While the discussion implies Trump’s vanity over a poster, the REAL irony here is how HBO can possibly think that this infringes in any way on their “work”.. The connection is tenuous at best. If anyone is being vain here, it’s HBO.

  4. That was a great chess move, just enough for the biased press coverage to ignore the actual statements being made. It shows very clearly the attitude to expect and there will be no deviation from goal. Thanks, HBO for creating that poster.

  5. The poster seemed more like a calculated move to get people talking. It’s also hilarious that HBO is worried about trademarks now after that has been a well-known meme for years. This isn’t normal for a president but it is definitely effective.

  6. Everything President Trump does has Chess like moves & meaning. He keeps everyone guessing, just like he said he would do!
    The fake news falls for it every single time!
    Gotta Love It!

  7. In a business setting, I could see upper management making jokes like this easily so I get where this is probably coming from.

    However, in a public and political setting this just seems inappropriate.

    1. Michael, you give yourself too much credit. A clown is funny by their own intentions, you’re just funny by your own stupidity.

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