Donald Trump Thinks He Is the Hardest Working President in History

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President Donald Trump decided to make yet another bold statement on Twitter on Monday, claiming that he’s the hardest working president in history.

The statement, which read almost like a parody, came early in the morning.

More than one pundit noted that Trump’s tweet seemed to line up with a “Morning Joe” segment in which host Joe Scarborough said that Trump is the laziest president in history. After a bit of monologue, Scarborough quipped, “Historians will record, when this presidency is over, that Donald Trump was the laziest president ever to occupy the Oval Office.”

A few of Trump’s critics also weighed in on the tweet, including Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell, who wrote, “No president has worked harder to obstruct justice.” He also took the opportunity to compare Trump to Nixon.

The remark comes after a White House insider leaked Trump’s schedules to media outlet Axios. According to the schedules that were leaked, Trump spends around half of his time in so-called “executive time.”

Unlike meetings and briefings, “executive time” is unstructured and some have speculated that he spends a lot of that time watching television. In late December, the New York Times reported that Trump is watching more television than ever and even keeps it on during meetings.

Trump’s week looks increasingly busy, the government is only funded through the end of the week and there’s a decent chance that the government is going to shut down. So far, Capitol Hill lawmakers haven’t been able to get a bill to the floor to pass and eventually go to the White House.

The president is also planning to go to Texas on Monday night to give a rally as he has been pushing for funding on his border wall. Previously, Democrats have refused to give the president any money for his wall.

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He may be right. Trump inherited a mess from the illegitimate Muslim Marxist POTUS #44 from Kenya and has done very well so far. Trump has managed to turn around the destruction on the Kenyan’s agenda and America is back out of the dumpster.

Rocky Drummond

He also says that, “he is like a smart person”. If you believe that, you can buy a T-shirt that has that line on it.

I also just saw a compilation of all of the times that Trump has said that, “nobody knows more about [name any subject here] than me”. It is quite a sight to see. Truly amazing.





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