Trump Calls out the ‘Vicious and Totally Crazed’ People Boycotting Home Depot Over Donations to His Campaign

Kevin Lamarque/File Photo/Reuters

President Donald Trump called out those boycotting home improvement giant The Home Depot after the company’s co-founder announced he plans to support the president’s 2020 reelection campaign.

At the end of last month, the 90-year-old co-founder of The Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, announced that he would be donating the majority of his fortune in addition to supporting Trump’s reelection efforts in 2020.

In response to the announcement, several users on Twitter said they planned to boycott the stores because of the co-founder’s support for the president. A representative for The Home Depot told “MarketWatch” on Monday that Marcus had retired from his position at the company “more than 15 years ago” and that he “isn’t speaking on behalf of the company.”

“In fact, as a standard practice, the company does not endorse presidential candidates,” the representative continued.

The next day, Trump took to Twitter in his signature style to declare his support for the “truly great, patriotic, [and] charitable” Marcus while simultaneously calling out the “vicious and totally crazed” people in a pair of tweets.

“A truly great, patriotic [and] charitable man, Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot who, at the age of 90, is coming under attack by the Radical Left Democrats with one of their often used weapons. They don’t want people to shop at those GREAT stores because he contributed to your favorite President, me! These people are vicious and totally crazed, but remember, there are far more great people (“Deplorables”) in this country, than bad. Do to them what they do to you. Fight for Bernie Marcus and Home Depot!”

The Home Depot is not the first business to be targeted for boycott because of ties to the president.

A movement under the hashtag #grabyourwallet called for the boycott of many different businesses who have ties to Trump or other conservative viewpoints and organizations, such as Bass Pro Shop — which “carries assault-style weapons” — and Hobby Lobby, who endorsed the president.

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Meh – who cares how people decide to spend their money. The issue is the left is pretty damn effective in boycotts vs the right.

That being said – i love home depot and supporting a political adversary who works within the law of the country is hardly something that is going to turn me away. Just stop telling me to look at my mobile app vs talking to a store associate please.


Home Depot is big enough, they’ll survive. Good luck with that boycott though, they’re really the only store in town that carries everything they do.

Gary Millsaps

And last Saturday I recommended to my son that he buy a small portable electric fridge from Lowes even if he had to pay a few bucks more, which I gave to him anyway. He did indeed buy it. The crazy Democrats have paradoxically provided very effective advertising for Lowes and have caused their business and sales to increase dramatically.
What idiots the Demonrats are!

Gary Millsaps

The insane socialst Democrats and their supporters are so crazy that they don’t even understand just how crazy they are and sound to sane people. Well, I guess the mentally and emotionally sick and deficient have to find something to do with their time since they do not use it to accomplish anything productive.

Allen Zabel

Where were the boycotts, when Ben and Jerry,(Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream) donated heavily to Hillary?
Oh that’s right.
Republicans are always held to a higher standard.
Whereas liberals, have no standards, at all.


I just bought a dishwasher from Lowe’s. I certainly wasn’t thinking about politics. I was thinking, ‘Damn; I hafta buy a new dishwasher.’
The last mom & pop appliance store in my town just went under last year. If I need anything else, I may go to Home Depot. The Giants basically have the same stuff at similar prices.


Once again the Left tries to tell someone how they can spend/bequest his money and only in ways it approves. It’s ironic and hypocritic as they are choosing NOT to spend at Home Depot.

full disclosure: I shop at Home Depot AND Lowe’s, though much favor the former for it’s greater selection. Lowe’s strikes me as geared towards the DIYer.





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