POTUS Proclaims ‘Big Night’ for GOP as Party Takes Two House Seats in NC Special Elections

President Donald Trump proclaimed that the Republican Party had a “big night” as the GOP took a pair of open House seats in North Carolina.

In a tweet published late Tuesday night, the president offered his congratulations to North Carolina state Sen. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.), as well as North Carolina General Assembly Rep. Greg Murphy (R-N.C.) on their two special election victories.


Both the 3rd and 9th districts were up for grabs in the North Carolina special election.

The 3rd district is military-heavy and serves as the home to the Marine base at Camp Lejeune. The seat became vacant after the late Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) passed away in February at the age of 75. He had served in Congress since 1994.

The election was called after Murphy took a 19 point lead over Democratic candidate Allen Thomas. Forty-four percent of the voting precincts in the district had their results in as the race went to Murphy.

“One down, one to go,” wrote the president in a tweet. “Greg Murphy is projected to win in the Great State of North Carolina!”

However; while Murphy’s race may have been seen as an open-and-shut case — Trump won the 3rd district by 23 points during the 2016 presidential election — Bishop’s race was seen as a test for how the president might fare in the 2020 election cycle.

Bishop defeated Democratic candidate Dan McCready — a former Marine — with nearly 4,000 votes. The victory was seen as a major one by the Republican Party.

The seat opened up after the previous election where Republican candidate Mark Harris won was invalidated due to ballot fraud.

In his victory speech, Bishop proclaimed that “voters said no to radical, liberal policies pushed by today’s Democratic Party.”

Trump had called on voters to participate in the election during a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina the day before.

As IJR previously reported, the president told supporters at the rally that the way to “stop the far left” was to vote in Tuesday’s special election.


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