Donald Trump Tweets Poll From Far-Right Website Showing 98% Are With Him on Impeachment

Erin Scott/Reuters

President Donald Trump has a nearly impossible time showing his polling numbers anywhere above the bottom of the bucket. He’s floundered around online, posting polls from right-leaning pollsters like Zogby or Rasmussen.

But on Monday night, Trump proclaimed victory from an online poll on the far-right website, Breitbart. The poll, which was titled “Breitbart Impeachment Poll” showed that 97.83% of participants “stand with President Trump.”

In his tweet, the president thanked his supporters.


But President Trump has been under a flood of bad polls, which have gotten even worse as his phone conversation with the leader of Ukraine became public. In that chat, Trump asked the Ukrainian leader to “do us a favor” and urged him to investigate Joe Biden.

The polling showing Americans supporting impeachment has continued to jump constantly over the past few weeks as the situation around Ukraine has sped rapidly into an impeachment push in the House of Representatives.

A recent poll from Quinnipiac University found that 47% of voters want Trump impeached and removed from office, while only 41% of voters approve of the job that he’s doing.

Trump was furious when the polling from his safe-space, Fox News, began to show that the majority of the country disapproved of him. He brandished them as “fake news” and declared that there’s “something weird going on at Fox.”

Nearly all of the legitimate polls show that Trump’s approval ratings are scraping somewhere between bad and worse. Trump famously fired three of his own pollsters after internal Trump campaign numbers leaked showing the president trailing Democrat Joe Biden. That leak came just before Trump had planned to announce his official re-election bid.

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General Confusion

Gators and snakes.

Murder them. Oh, I can’t do that? OK, shoot’em in the legs.

“I have absolute power to shut down the border.”

“You are making me look like an idiot. I ran on this. It’s my isssue.”

So King Donald The Loser got rid of those who said “You can’t do that. It is illegal.” or “it costs too much” and replaced them with yesmen.

KDTL called Kirstjen Nielsen “sweetie” and “honey” as he berated her.

This guy is scum and a moron, and you know it.

General Confusion

And he believes that? Inconceivable!

Look, King Donald The Loser’s numbers are crashing. He is now tied with his lowest previous low approval again – 37%. That is a terrible number for an incumbent getting ready for a new election.

Independents are now at 52% against King Donald The Loser. That is bad and getting worse.

Compare his numbers to Nixon’s. Whoof, and Nixon resigned before getting impeached.





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