Donald Trump Jr. and Robert Mueller Were Spotted Just Feet Away From Each Other

Donald Trump Jr. and Robert Mueller were spotted together at a Washington, D.C. airport on Friday morning, boarding a plane at Reagan National Airport’s 35X gate.

A photo of the unlikely duo was published by Politico in the publication’s afternoon newsletter, Playbook. The newsletter includes a “spotted” section in which D.C. residents tip the authors off about famous sightings in the city. Usually, the “spotted” section is peppered with the names of Hill staffers, government officials, and the occasional White House official or cabinet member.

Even in Washington, where residents can barely go to the supermarket without spilling coffee on an elected official, Robert Mueller is an elusive creature. His investigation into the Trump campaign may be the topic of most dinner table conversations, but the strong-jawed former FBI director is rarely seen out and about. He has also managed to keep a near-airtight lid on his probe — leaks are wildly uncommon.

Conversely, Donald Trump Jr. is a regular about town in the city where his father leads the nation. On Thursday night, he stopped by the Trump International Hotel in D.C. where former White House press secretary Sean Spicer was promoting his book.

On Twitter, an army of Washingtonians jokingly pointed to the fact that Mueller and Trump Jr. were spotted at Gate 35X, which is notorious for forcing passengers to travel down an escalator and take shuttles to board their flights.

Of course, it’s not clear that Mueller and Don Jr. were even on the same flight. In fact, since Trump’s eldest son was standing in line and Robert Mueller was still seated and waiting to board, there’s a pretty good chance that they were headed to different destinations. But at least Saturday Night Live will have some good material when the show returns from its summer break.

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