Trump Blasts Russia Investigation as ‘a Set-Up,’ Claims Obama ‘Certainly Must’ve Known About It’

President Donald Trump claimed that the investigation into the alleged conspiracy between his 2016 presidential campaign and the Russian government was a “set-up” and that former President Barack Obama “certainly” must have had knowledge about it.

In a portion of an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopolous that aired on “ABC This Week” on Sunday, the president discussed former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, saying that he believed the investigation into his 2016 presidential campaign was a “set-up” after the probe found “no collusion.”

“There was no crime. There’s no collusion. It was a setup, in my opinion,” said Trump. “And I think it’s going to come out. I hope it’s going to come out — we’re going to find out very soon.”

Watch the video here:

Stephanopolous then pressed Trump on whether or not he believed Obama “was behind” the probe into his presidential campaign.

Stephanopolous: “You clearly believe there was a group of people working against you, do you think President Obama was behind it?”

Trump: “I would say he certainly must have known about it because it was very high up in the chain. You’re going to find that out. I’m not going make that statement quite yet, but I’d say that President Obama had to know about it.”

The president also called out 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden in the interview for his flip-flops on key issues.

As IJR Red previously reported, President Trump blasted the former vice president as a “weak guy” that “wanted to be a tough guy” and pointed out that Biden’s flipping on major issues such as the pro-life Hyde amendment and China’s threat as a growing influence in the global economy.

“He has recalibrated on everything,” said Trump. “Everything he says he’s taken back two weeks later because he’s getting slammed by the left.”


  1. Trump isn’t going to come right out and make a statement that Obama was behind it. He shouldn’t. He should let Barr’s investigation speak for itself. It was wrong when the Democrats made statements about Trump’s guilt in Russia collusion- and he knows how wrong they were. The DNC/Hillary- in this case they are one and the same- needed Obama in order to carry out their treasonous plan- he assisted them- how much he assisted them remains to be seen. Regardless, he used his power and position to interfere with the campaign and election of the opposing party’s candidate- a decietful, and in my opinion, should be considered illegal attempt at interfering with a US Presidential national election.

  2. Great Mr. President. I agree that Obama had to know about it. My question, and I’m sure I speak for millions of others, what are you going to do about it?

  3. If one believes the Obozo administration knew nothing about HIllary’s illegal server (they did) or played no part in the collusion delusion I’ve got a great real estate deal for you.

    What’s MORE concerning is the corruption of bureaucracies. q.v. the IRS. Does one believe that corrupt and partisan careerists like Claooer, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, or Page just happened? No f’ing way.

    To paraphrase Craig’s post, the fish doesn’t just rot from the head. If the guts aren’t removed it also rots from the inside.

  4. Trump is 100% right. And it better all come out and those that tried this coup need to pay for their sedition and treason. If not, this republic is done for.

  5. It was a set up to destroy him. I have been following the unfolding investigation into how it got started and by whom for two years. Obama’s fingerprints as well a Clapper and Brennan are all over it.
    When this all comes out it will be the biggest scandal in our government’s history.

  6. And now we see why nobody wanted to see President Trump interrogated. Snufflehubicus is a dweeb.

  7. He is absolutely right….there is no way Obama didn’t know and APPROVE IT. He has been skatin’ on this the last 3 years and no doubt will get away with it as far he is concerned. But the head of the snake knew what was going on.

  8. Trump is a pathological person who only talks when it makes it positive for him. So, it’s only logical to know that anytime he opens his mouth, we can only laugh and say “Ol’ Donnie, Donnie, you are So cute!” Unfortunately it’s more than “cute” when it’s the future of the America that most of us hope and pray to believe in is in balance. Please, PLEASE!! leave your acceptance of lying racism, and try to do what’s best for YOUR country.

    1. You need to change the channel in your head. You’re getting too much static

    2. Trump has done more to keep this nation “in balance!” The previous 4 presidents have done everything to degrade and diminish this great nation! You obviously are very young, and brainwashed to exercise any critical thinking on your own!

    3. Or we can only laugh and say Oh Paul, Paul, you are an idiot

    4. You really should do a little homework- and stop getting your information from the talking heads on your idiot box. Finding out the facts is easier than you think- you just have to redact all the opinions from everything you read. Opinions are cheap and given freely which gives them no value whatsoever. When all of that is removed, you’ll clearly see that you bought a flashy but empty box of liberal distraction. Be a smart consumer and find out exactly why the Democrats are selling you so hard on this. Wake up!

  9. It has been clear from the outset that Trump accuses others for what he does himself. He just changes the name to deflect from him. Why are the news people continuing to give Trump a voice for him to continue his deflections, his lies, his misinformations, his betrayals to and of this Country and its People? When are we going to say “Enough Already!” We all see it for what it is, even though some deny it. We all have seen movies of bad guys in Westerns, Mysteries, Mob movies, Horror films, etc. We all have seen how it works. We are watching a bad-guy, a corrupt “movie”, happening in real life, in full view, before our very eyes. What is wrong with everybody? Stop this nonsense! We have a corrupt, unfit-for-Office-of-The-President, who is destroying our democracy, our America, our very freedom. People, speak up! Our Country is For, By and Of the People. It is Our House. We have the sayso. Why then, is this gross effrontery to our democracy, to our Country, to the People, being allowed to continue? Our forefathers put absolute resolutions in our Constitution to safeguard our Country for just such a possibility of what is happening now. We are moving too slow. The People need to sound out with their many voices in unison in support of remedying, sooner than later, this grevious, critical threat to our National Security, to our Country, to our democracy, to our very health and welfare, to our precious public lands and wildlife, to all of the People. It is Our House. We need to protect Our House. Less talking and more action is needed. People, take action. Protect your America. Protect your democracy.

    1. Back up! Do you hear yourself? You have been brainwashed by the device in your hand by all the liberal bent misinformation. The Liberal platforms like Youtube, twitter and google want to silence or hide every conservative voice that has good reason to fight hard against the socialism that Democrats are shoving down your throat. They have decided that only speech that echoes their opinions are to be seen or heard. Is that the Country you want to live in? Because once they begin to take the rights of some, they will methodically take the rights of all. You accept the stereotype they’re selling you that all conservatives are white racists, the women are docile and defer to all men, that we’re all a bunch of bible-thumping snake-worshippers that want to take civil rights back 80 years. You could not be more wrong. We want everyone to be treated equally with the Bill of Rights protecting our freedom with the most important words ever written that ensure our freedom. By taking away any one of those rights, you will guarantee that we will all become slaves to the govt. Our constitution promises opportunity to seek your fortune, pursue happiness, but it doesn’t promise to hand over our fortune to make you happy. Don’t bury your head in the sand. Do a little homework. Find out what happened or happens to every Country that chooses socialism. Buy a ticket to Venezuela and go see how well they’re doing after just a few short years of socialism. You’ll run back to the US so fast to vote for Trump- your head will spin.

  10. Well, Snuffuluffugus should know that old Greek saying that the fish rots from the head down. Does anyone truly believe that this cadre of higher ups in his administration were doing all this unbeknownst to Obama?

  11. Obama not only knew about it but next to Hillary he was the biggest cheerleader. Must say President Trump is a trusting guy to let Stephanopolus interview him.

  12. I’ve heard that Obama told Susan Rice to “Keep me informed” about Trump. I believe it. He’s more informed and involved then he lets on to America. He is “Slippery”, if you know what I mean.

  13. Going to be a long hot Summer…..for the radical dems. I hope you bring your hotsauce Hillary.

  14. I am certain obama authorized and ordered it as well. Send them all to prison.

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