Donald Trump Still Doesn’t Know How Wind Energy Works

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Donald Trump really, really hates wind energy, but he doesn’t seem to understand how it works.

During a rally on Tuesday, the president declared that windmills kill birds and that, if you rely on wind energy, your television won’t run when the wind isn’t blowing.

Trump told the crowd, “And then all of a sudden it stops, the wind and the televisions go off, and your wives and husbands say, ‘Darling, I want to watch Donald Trump on television tonight, but the wind stopped blowing, and I can’t watch. There’s no electricity in the house.'”

It’s a claim that he’s repeated several times, including in a Hannity interview earlier this year.

Here’s a clip from his Tuesday rally in Pennsylvania:

Of course, that’s not how wind power works. Wind turbines (or windmills) feed into the power grid in the same way that solar panels feed into the power grid.

Even the Department of Energy notes in their FAQs about wind energy, “The U.S. power grid consists of a huge number of interconnected transmission lines that connect a variety of generation sources to loads … adding variable renewable power to the grid does not inherently change how the process of balancing electricity supply and demand works.”

Trump also repeated one of his favorite claims — that windmills “kill all the birds.” But, the DOE notes that windmills kill far fewer birds than power lines and birds are much, much more likely to die from a collision with a building than a windmill.

Trump has also claimed — without any evidence — that the noise from windmills cause cancer. The Department of Energy also calls that claim bogus. They note that there have been multiple peer-reviewed studies showing that there is no link between human health and windmills.

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Michael, It’s clear that you need a little lesson in “quoting out of context “. That seems to be a favorite hobby of your side,


Michael – it is hilarious that you are getting downvotes of direct quotes from the speech the president gave at his rally.


More ignorance and crazy:
“They send us thousands and thousands — millions of cars, we send them wheat. Wheat. That’s not a good deal. And they don’t even want our wheat. They do it because they want us to at least feel that we’re OK, you know, they do it to make us feel good.”


Screw, my comments are about how ignorant and crazy POTUS sounded in his “energy speech.” I agree that wind power is not the answer, or even an answer, when it comes to energy independence, but your 3 paragraph long response to the article does not obscure the fact that it is clear POTUS doesn’t really understand electricity generation and distribution (ignorance) and consistently makes everything about him (part of the crazy), no matter how much time you spend trying to make his comments seem rational and informed.


Wind energy (renewable in general) is surpassing coal in some states like Texas – its getting cheaper and generating a lot of jobs nationwide. But its new so still has a long ways to go. The blades have become a big joke in my town because they cannot be recycled so we have huge stacks of them at our dump as no other town can take them.

I do laugh though when i see which states have really embraced wind energy because its not frou frou blue states leading the pack.


“I love cranes, I love trucks of all types. Even when I was a little boy at 4 years old, my mother would say, ‘You love trucks.’ I do, I always loved trucks, I still do. Nothing changes — sometimes you know you might become president, but nothing changes — I still love trucks. Especially when I look at the largest crane in the world, that’s very cool. You think I’ll get to operate it? We’ll put the media on it and I’ll give them a little ride, right?”



Funny how your critiques have ZERO to do with article AND are about my comments, which at least addressed the topic of understanding wind power. Pot calling the salad fork black? Please do, not try harder as Yoda would say.

Crazy or right? Let’s hear YOUR comments, hopefully not parroting articles by smarter people.

I’d like to hear your arguments in favor of this author’s ignorance or refuting my comments.


So much crazy in one “speech”: ““You guys, I don’t know what the hell you’re going to do. You don’t want to make widgets, right? You don’t want to make — do you want to learn how to make a computer? A little tiny piece of stuff. … You put it with those big, beautiful hands of yours like … you’re going to take these big hands, going to take this little tiny part. You’re going to go home, ‘Alice this is a tough job.’ Nah, you want to make steel, and you want to dig coal — that’s what… Read more »

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