Trump Torches Dem Candidate Ahead of NC Special Election, Calls on Voters to ‘Stop the Far-Left’

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

President Donald Trump railed against the Democratic candidate in a North Carolina special election for the House of Representatives, calling on the voters to “stop the far left” at the ballot box.

During a Monday night rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, the president unleashed on Democratic candidate Dan McCready — who is running for the state’s vacant ninth congressional district seat —, calling on voters to “stop the far left” from flipping the critical House seat.

“To stop the far left, you must vote in tomorrow’s special election,” said Trump, before blasting McCready as being disloyal to American cities by supporting sanctuary laws.

He also pointed out that a county in North Carolina had released an illegal immigrant who had been charged with “first-degree rape.”

“Just recently, Mecklenburg County set free an illegal alien charged with first-degree rape and crimes against a child,” said the president. “Support for sanctuary cities is disloyalty to American cities and McCready wants sanctuary cities, with all of their protections for people who are serious criminals.”

“Tomorrow is your chance to send a clear message to the America-hating left,” added Trump.

Trump also tied in his support to state Sen. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.), McCready’s Republican opponent in the race.

“We don’t want dangerous criminal aliens roaming free in North Carolina,” Trump responded. “Our Republican candidate, Dan Bishop, will fight with everything he has.”

Watch the video below (starting at 11:00):

Additionally, the president blasted McCready as wanting “open borders” and “not going to protect” Americans’ right to bear arms, as IJR reported.

“You have a Democrat named Dan McCready, and he wants open borders, he wants sanctuary cities, he’s not going to protect your Second Amendment,” said Trump.

Bishop — who also served in the North Carolina state House — told attendees that he was “not ashamed” of the “values” held by the people of the district and promised to protect them should he win the seat.

“I share your values. I’m not ashamed of your values,” said the North Carolina Republican. “I’m going to defend your values in Washington, D.C.”

The special election on Tuesday will serve as a test run for Republicans in their efforts to wrangle away control of the House from the Democrats in the 2020 election cycle.

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General Confusion

“Americans MUST vote out every DemocRATic lunatic in D.C. and in every State if America and Americans are to survive as a FREE people” Confused James

Apparently, you haven’t figured out yet that who you call “socialists” are the ONLY ones fighting for what the majority of voters want. Imagine that – working for voters. That confuses a lot of people.


>Eugene Summers< While Kruschev may have predicted it, it first came to light in the late 1960's when Hillary Rodham (or "Rotten") was in college and became the puppy dog follower of Saul Alinsky. Back then, Ms. Rotten was exploring the possibilities of and ways to be able to destroy the Government from within (as a politician) and was looking to that end. She then was privileged to read Alinsky's yet unpublished book – "Rules for Radicals" which was published in 1971. Both Hillary and #44 USED Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" before and during their political reigns and #44 used… Read more »

Phyllis Softa

As usual, I am not following Trump’s logic. Was Trump of the belief that Dan McCready was planning to join the 4 member “Squad”? That is 4 members of a 235 Democrat House majority! Chances are much better that Bishop joins the wacky Freedom Caucus, replacing Justin Amash. If the Freedom Caucus regains control of the House, Bishop can introduce his bathroom bill. It was such a hit in North Carolina.


The Dems lost their way along time ago and the new breed could lead to the ruination of The United States as they turn extremely far to the left.


To vote for any dem, even a moderate, empowers the dem cartel and condemns America.





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