POTUS Blasts Dems for ‘Trying to Prove’ Mueller Report ‘Wrong’ While Getting ‘Zero’ Done in Congress

Joshua Roberts/Reuters

As impeachment calls grow from members of the Democratic Party, President Donald Trump took aim at the Democrats on Twitter, blasting them for doing nothing in Congress while focusing on disproving Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report into Russian election interference.

Early Wednesday morning, Trump — in his trademark style — published a pair of tweets claiming that “everything” the Democrats are asking for in their subpoena fight for the unredacted version of Mueller’s report was “based on an illegally started investigation” that did not work out for them in the end.

He continued on to torch the Democrats for calling for his impeachment while they “fish” for evidence against him when he “did nothing wrong.”

“Everything the Democrats are asking me for is based on an illegally started investigation that failed for them, especially when the Mueller report came back with a no collusion finding,” the president wrote. “Now they say impeach President Trump, even though he did nothing wrong, while they ‘fish!'”

Trump published a second tweet minutes later continuing his attack on congressional Democrats, accusing them of doing nothing in Congress and instead focusing on disproving Mueller’s report.

“The Democrats are getting zero work done in Congress,” he tweeted. “All they are focused on is trying to prove the Mueller report wrong, the witch hunt!”

The president’s tweets come as House Democrats — and Michigan Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) — ramp up their impeachment calls.

As IJR News previously reported, self-described democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) demanded an impeachment inquiry into the president, claiming that lawmakers have been given “no choice” in the matter.

Ocasio-Cortez’s calls put her at odds with Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who has advocated for further investigations into the Trump administration rather than pulling the trigger on impeachment.

Pelosi is expected to meet with Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday to discuss a multitude of issues, possibly including impeachment and subpoenas.

As IJR Red noted, Amash did not rule out a potential third-party run at the White House against Trump as the Libertarian Party candidate after facing rebuke from Republicans and the House Freedom Caucus, which he helped found.

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Just look at the poor quality, integrity, and Loyalty, of the people who wants to impeach Trump. Amash, Cortez, Amar, Waters, Harris, Pocahontas, Pelosi, Schumer, and probably 40 more of the Democrats, and A dozen low life Turncoats, they have none, shouldn’t even be allowed in a Government Building, It’s a Bay of selfishness, Jealousy, immoral Character, Revengeful, Cry Babies, non achievers, Socialist, Law Breakers, America Haters, and the Muslim’s Trojan Horse invaders, That has seized our Congress, We haft to Defeat, what seems to be Traitor trying to take over our Government, Wake Up Voters even the Democrats Dead… Read more »

Sidney Jolly
Sidney Jolly

If the Mueller report clears Trump, why doesn’t he allow House Democrats to see the unredacted report, including the redacted parts on on-going grand jury proceedings? Maybe because if House Democrats had that information, they could request the judges in the grand jury proceedings to unveil the proceedings. And the same for the parts redacted to veil counter-intelligence methods and means.





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