‘This Is What It’s All About’: Trump Spends Time Giving Tours and Signing Autographs for Reporters’ Kids

President Donald Trump spent time with the children of reporters at the White House for Bring Your Kid to Work Day. 

Since his candidacy, Trump has often locked horns with the press, whom he has largely labeled “fake news” and assigned demeaning nicknames to those who oppose him.

However, it seems the only thing needed to bring the two parties together is a bunch of children’s smiling faces. 

After attending a briefing with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House guests ventured outside to meet Trump and get some autographs. 

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Trump doesn’t always have many compliments for the press, but when it comes to their kids, it was only kind words. 

“Honestly, the children ask me better questions,” he said as he signed autographs. 

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

As the kids held up their press cards for an autograph, a slew of eager “thank yous” and “Mr. Presidents” came from the crowd. 

“These are the most beautiful kids, aren’t they?” Trump added. “This is what it’s all about.” 

Watch the video below:

Reporters also seemed to enjoy the positive interaction, and when Trump joked that their kids were “aggressive,” they responded with a resounding, “Yes.” 

Then the kids were brought into the Oval Office, where they gathered around the president as he sat at the Resolute desk. 

Mark Wilson/Getty Images Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Among the kids present were Sanders’ two sons, George and William, who adorably proved that “kids will be kids,” even in the Oval Office. 

Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images

The peaceful exchange was a welcomed break from the fiery relationship between the White House and the press.  

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