Donald Trump’s Ireland Golf Course Promoted a Presidential Visit on Social Media — Then Deleted it After Criticism

Donald Trump
Carlos Barria/Reuters

President Donald Trump’s trip to Ireland included a two-night stay at his Doonbeg golf course.

The move was criticized and one Irish reporter even asked Trump if his visit to the Emerald Isle was just a way to promote his golf course in Doonbeg. Trump denied that theory and said that he was staying at his course, which was hundreds of miles away from the events he attended, out of “convenience.”

The course promoted the president’s stay on Twitter, tagging the POTUS account in two tweets. Left-wing ethics watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington wrote on Twitter, “Trump is now using the office of the president to do commercials for the businesses he still owns.”

After criticism, the golf course deleted the tweets, one of which showed the president arriving and another that showed Trump playing golf.

During his visit, Trump dined with the Queen of England and went to Normandy for the anniversary of the D-Day invasion. And the president took his adult children on the trip with him. His sons still oversee the family businesses.

In 2017, just after Trump first entered the White House, his sons tried to claim that they were in clear ethical waters. Eric Trump told the Washington Post, “There are lines that we would never cross, and that’s mixing business with anything government.”

After Trump’s Doonbeg course promoted his visit, Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold noted that the Trump Organization promised that they would never reference Trump’s role as president.

Trump still owns a string of properties, unlike some other presidents he did not sell off his assets or put them in a blind trust. That means that the president is still profiting from the businesses — like Doonbeg — that he owns. Unfortunately for Trump, his Doonbeg course has consistently failed to turn a profit.

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It’s laughable that anyone believed the president when he said he wouldn’t use his position to promote his properties.

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