GOP Rep Slams Democrats Over ‘Pointless’ Hearing for Acting AG Whitaker: ‘Character Assassination’

House Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) laid into Congressional Democrats during Friday’s hearing for Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, calling the hearing “pointless” and a “character assassination.”

In his opening statement, he tore into Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) for the way the hearing was arranged and why.

“We now know the reason for this hearing. It has nothing to do with oversight of DOJ,” he began. “It has everything to do, as we found out this morning in a document dump from the Democratic side of this committee and also another committee, that this is nothing more than a character assassination.”


He then hilariously compared his observation of the “political theater” conducted by the committee Democrats to being a father and watching his children search for Easter eggs, adding that his colleagues are just trying to “do something and get at the president while we had the chance.”

“This hearing is pointless,” he continued calling the whole ordeal a sham. “If this is the way we’re going to go, then we’ll have plenty of stunts, we’re going to have plenty of theatrics. Bring your popcorn.”


The hearing comes as part of House Democrats’ crackdown and increase of oversight on President Donald Trump’s administration now that they’re in control of the chamber.

It also followed a Thursday threat from Whitaker to not appear amid reports that Democrats were considering issuing a subpoena to compel him to answer particular questions.

Collins, however, believes the fiasco is simply House Democrats’ way of holding their own confirmation hearing for Whitaker and told them they should have run for Senate instead if that’s what they’re interested in doing.

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  1. What a disgusting display of hostility from the Dems today. These are not the kind of people we need representing us in DC. Zero respect was shown to the acting AG. Shameless and hate-filled Dems on full display, perhaps someone should explain to them this was not a jury trial. Absolutely disgusting

  2. If these infantile idiots would just shut the hell up and do the jobs that we taxpayers pay them to do, we might move forward in this country. No, instead they just can’t get past the fact that the people voted President Trump into office. Their only agenda is to obstruct and delay. Grow up and take care of business, you losers!

    1. Just curious. When the House and Senate investigated Benghazi 8 times, did you believe they were infantile idiots? When you supported the belief in disproved conspiracies,. was it because you just couldn’t get past the fact that the people voted President Obama into office for 8 years? Are your reactions based upon personal experience?

  3. They said during their campaign they were going to do this and they are. They also said they are putting extra eyes on a Trumps administration. They are not letting this go.

  4. Their idiot shams on senseless hearing just to get at Trump will bolster Trump in 2020….you can bet on it….

  5. I think Democrats are nothing but idiots who do not do the job they were sent there to do. All they are interested in is “getting” the President. Shameful!!!

      1. There’s nothing to get, PhylSoft. What will you say when the exalted holy grail of special prosecuties, Witchhunter Bob, soon lays his sulfuric egg? The 54 have now watched (can’t unsee) for 3 years a gluttonous (and glutinous) ingestion of Kool aid; it induced the Hilary revenge syndrome, the rewards for which are a 40 virgin heaven, St. Clinton (affectionally ‘Willie’, or ‘swinging dick’) on guard at the pearly gate

        1. 33% of Americans want to wait & see what is in the Mueller Report, the SDNY indictments, & the NY AG’s investigation.
          33%, Affectionately known by Trump as those who would still support him if he shot someone in the middle of Fifth Ave, can not imagine there is anything in the report that they can not overlook.
          33% believe he conspired with the Russian.
          Me, I want to wait for the Mueller report TO SEE WHY EVERYONE LIES so much.

          1. I’m with you; I don’t though expect any reasonable explanation (other than their moral, legal, patriotic and professional compasses going haywire) for the FBI’s texts, lies and secret societies

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